HomeTheaterReview.com Turns Two Years Old

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HTR-HomePage-8-10.gifHomeTheaterReview.com turned two years old on August 1, 2010. In just two short years Home Theater Review has gone from a "parked domain" to a Google Page Rank (PR5) site with a sub-100,000 Alexa ranking and over 300,000 monthly readers (according to Google Analytics) which puts HTR in second place overall in terms of total readership of a specialty AV publication (behind Stereophile.com).

HomeTheaterReview.com's email list has gone from zero to 57,000 in just two short years. That email list is the biggest collection of names of true audio-video enthusiasts in the business today. Moreover, the HomeTheaterReview.com list follows today's email best practices, including being fully CAN SPAM Act-complaint, being fully opt-in and having gone through professional list hygiene that removes both hard and soft bounces, bad email names and opt-outs. Many competing sites boast large numbers but don't periodically clean their lists, which is both costly and can obviously lower the overall size of an email list. It's quantity vs quality: with a clean list, HomeTheaterReview.com can deliver news and reviews only to the people who want them, acheiving high open rates.

In just two short years, HomeTheaterReview.com has taken a dominant position in social networking, in the top three highest numbers (in this category) of followers on Twitter and a commanding lead with Facebook fans over other specialty AV sites. As of this writing, HomeTheaterReview.com is nearing 4,000 fans on its Facebook fan page.

"Going forward HomeTheaterReview.com is looking to continue to add more and more compelling content, from 3D HDTV reviews to exotic audiophile equipment to affordable-value AV products, HDMI receivers, top performing speakers and more" says Publisher, Jerry Del Colliano. "Beyond our dedication to creating more unique content than any other specialty AV site - HomeTheaterReview.com is going to expand its reach to user generated content, opinioned blogs and much more. To quote Karen Carpenter - We've Only Just Begun."

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