Published On: August 16, 2023

House of Marley Launches Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable

Published On: August 16, 2023
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House of Marley Launches Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable

Eco-conscious audio brand, House of Marley, presents the Stir it Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable.

House of Marley Launches Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable

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In an era where vinyl records have made an unexpected resurgence, House of Marley continues to carve a niche for itself by introducing the Stir it Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable. With a commitment to sustainability and a nod to music icon Bob Marley's legacy, this latest release strives to offer both audiophiles and environmentally-conscious consumers a compelling package.

Following the success of the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable, which made waves last year for its striking aesthetics and eco-friendly construction, the Stir It Up Lux looks to raise the bar even higher. Crafted with a bamboo plinth, aluminum headshell, and a glass platter, this turntable is a testament to House of Marley's dedication to utilizing renewable and recyclable materials.

One notable enhancement in the Stir it Up Lux is the inclusion of a replaceable Audio-Technica elliptical stylus (AT-95E), which should ensure optimal audio fidelity and playback performance. The bamboo plinth not only adds a touch of natural elegance but also aligns with House of Marley's mission to promote sustainable sourcing.

House of Marley stir it up lux turntable headshell

A unique aspect of the Stir it Up Lux is its reversible cork slipmat. On one side, a natural cork appearance offers both functionality and aesthetics. On the flip side, a captivating Zoetrope design creates an animated visual spectacle when paired with a strobe light or recorded at a specific frame rate. This artistic touch adds an element of engagement to the vinyl-listening experience.

Embracing modern connectivity options, the Stir It Up Lux has Bluetooth capability, allowing users to wirelessly stream music to their preferred speakers or headphones. An anti-skate mechanism, adjustable counterbalance, and built-in preamp should further enhance the user experience, and make the turntable accessible and user-friendly for all generations of music enthusiasts.

Vinyl lovers will likely appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of features like auto start/stop with a belt drive and the choice of 45 or 33 RPM playback speeds. On the connectivity front, the turntable offers a 3.5mm aux out and an RCA (phono/line) out, catering to various audio setups. 

The Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth turntable is crafted from sustainable bamboo, aluminum, glass and cork.

Notably, House of Marley's commitment to environmental causes is deeply integrated into the Stir it Up Lux initiative. For each purchase of the turntable, a donation is made to the brand's global reforestation program, Project Marley. This initiative, in collaboration with "One Tree Planted," aims to contribute to worldwide reforestation efforts, aligning with the brand's dedication to environmental sustainability.

Cedella Marley, daughter of Bob Marley, shared her perspective on the allure of vinyl records, stating, "Vinyl is the most genuine way to listen to your favorite music – there are no skipping tracks, so you’re listening to the album exactly as the artist intended you to."

Available for $400, the Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable can be purchased directly from the House of Marley website, Amazon, and select retailers.

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