Published On: February 14, 2024

How to Connect Two JBL Speakers Together: A Quick Guide for Epic Sound

Published On: February 14, 2024
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How to Connect Two JBL Speakers Together: A Quick Guide for Epic Sound

Learn how to connect JBL speakers together for a bigger sound experience in minutes. Enhance your next party with this easy step-by-step guide!

How to Connect Two JBL Speakers Together: A Quick Guide for Epic Sound

By Author: David Bates
David Bates, a dedicated home theater connoisseur, shares his passion and expertise through engaging writing. He provides insights on the latest trends, technologies, and techniques, helping others achieve optimal audiovisual experiences.

You're hosting a get-together and want that rich, stereo sound to fill the room from your JBL speakers. Imagine syncing two of them together for double the audio delight! This article is your step-by-step guide to easily connect multiple JBL speakers, enhancing your music experience in just minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to connect my bluetooth speaker to any device?

When you want to want to connect your JBL Bluetooth speaker to a device, ensure that the speaker is turned on and in bluetooth button mode. Then, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and select the JBL speaker you want to connect to.

Are JBL bluetooth speakers good?

JBL is known for its high-quality JBL bluetooth speakers that offer great sound and portability. These speakers are designed to automatically connect with your devices, providing a seamless experience.

How to connect multiple speakers together?

If you have multiple JBL speakers and want to connect them for a synchronized audio experience, you can easily do so by using the JBL Connect feature. This allows you to pair and synchronize multiple speakers wirelessly.

Is JBL Flip 6 a good speaker?

The jbl flip 6 is a versatile and durable Bluetooth speaker that offers impressive sound quality and a long-lasting battery life. It is designed for outdoor use and provides a rich audio experience.

How to pair JBL bluetooth speaker for the first time?

To pair your JBL speaker for the first time, you need to press and hold the bluetooth button on the speaker until the indicator light starts to pulse. This indicates that the speaker is in pairing mode, allowing you to connect it to your device.

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Understanding JBL Connect Features

JBL Connect and JBL Connect++ are cool ways to link up your speakers. With these, you get bigger sound when you connect JBL speakers together. Think of a party with music playing from every corner – that's the power of connecting multiple bluetooth speakers! Use JBL PartyBoost, and you can sync even more - up to 100 units for an epic audio experience.

JBL Flip 6 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now imagine filling two rooms with different tunes at the same time. It works if your JBL gadgets share the same model or connect feature like PartyBoost or Connect+. 

Ready for some fun? Let’s dive into how you get them connected!

Step-By-Step Guide to Connect Two JBL Speakers

Power on the JBL speakers and make sure one of them is connected to a source device. Play music on the primary speaker, then activate the Connect feature on both speakers to sync them up for a seamless audio experience.

Power On the JBL Speakers

Getting your JBL speakers ready is simple. First, make sure they're charged or plugged in.

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Locate the power button on your JBL speaker. You'll find it on the top or side, depending on the model.
  • Press and hold the power button until you see the LED light turn on. This signals that your speaker is powered up and ready to go.
  • Notice the light might flash, which means it's starting up. Wait for a steady glow before moving to the next step.
  • Listen for a start-up sound from the speaker. It tells you everything is working as it should.
  • Check if the battery level is sufficient if your speaker has a visible indicator. This helps ensure uninterrupted music enjoyment.

Connect the Primary Speaker to a Source Device

Connecting your primary JBL speaker to a source device is easy. You need a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get started.

  1. Grab your source device, like an iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom or down from the top to open the control center or settings menu.
  3. Look for the Bluetooth icon and tap it to turn on Bluetooth if it's not already active.
  4. Open your device's Bluetooth settings where you'll see available devices.
  5. Turn on your JBL speaker by pressing the power button.
  6. Wait for the LED indicator on your speaker to start blinking. This shows it's in pairing mode.
  7. Your JBL speaker should appear under 'Available Devices' on your phone or tablet.
  8. Tap the name of your JBL speaker when it shows up on the screen.
  9. Hold tight for a few seconds while they connect; you might hear a tone confirming that pairing is successful.
  10. Play some music or any audio from your device to test the connection.

Play Music on the Primary Speaker

Now your primary speaker is connected to the source device. It's time to fill the air with music.

  • Choose a song or playlist from your phone, computer, or any Bluetooth device.
  • Press "play" on your chosen audio source to start the music.
  • Check that the sound comes out clearly from the primary JBL speaker.
  • Adjust the volume using the source device or the buttons on your JBL speaker.
  • Make sure it plays smoothly before connecting another speaker.

Activate the Connect feature on the Primary Speaker

To continue the process of connecting your JBL speakers, here's how to activate the Connect feature on the Primary Speaker:

  1. Locate the Connect button on the primary speaker.
  2. Press the Connect button and hold it until you see an indication that it has been activated.
  3. A visual or audible cue, such as a blinking light or a sound, will confirm that the Connect feature is now active.
  4. The primary speaker is now ready to pair with another JBL speaker using the Connect feature.

Activate the Connect feature on the Secondary Speaker

After successfully activating the Connect feature on the Primary Speaker, now it's time to activate the same feature on the Secondary Speaker.

JBL Flip 5: Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This will seamlessly link both speakers together for an enhanced audio experience. Follow these steps to activate the Connect feature on the Secondary Speaker:

  • Ensure the Secondary Speaker is powered on and within close proximity to the Primary Speaker.
  • Press and hold down the Connect button on the Secondary Speaker. This will initiate its pairing mode.
  • Once in pairing mode, wait for the LED indicator to start flashing or change color, signaling that it is ready to connect.

How to Disconnect JBL Speakers

To disconnect your JBL speakers, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1:Open the JBL Portable app on your device.
  • Step 2: Select the speaker you want to disconnect from the list displayed in the app.
  • Step 3: Tap on the Disconnect button within the app.
  • Step 4: Wait for both speakers to complete the disconnection process.

Utilizing the JBL Portable App for More Control

Access the JBL Portable App from your preferred app store and ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Once the app is installed, open it to have greater control over your connected speakers.

JBL Partybox 310 - Portable Party Speaker

From the app, you can adjust settings, manage connections, and even update speaker firmware for an optimized experience. Take advantage of the dynamic features like stereo mode or party mode to tailor the sound output to suit your preferences.

With a user-friendly interface, navigating through various options becomes seamless—upgrading your overall interaction with JBL speakers.

For added convenience, utilize the intuitive controls within the app to access playlists and easily switch between different devices for uninterrupted listening pleasure. Enjoy a hassle-free approach to managing multiple JBL speakers without compromising on audio quality.

The Maximum Number of JBL Speakers You Can Connect

You can connect up to 100 portable JBL speakers using JBL's latest connection types, such as Connect+ or PartyBoost. However, older JBL speakers with Connect+ technology are limited to being linked with only one extra speaker.

JBL CHARGE 5 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This means you have the flexibility to create an expansive and immersive audio experience by connecting numerous compatible JBL speakers together for a truly powerful sound environment.

Feel free to spread your JBL speakers throughout the space and enjoy music that seamlessly flows from one speaker to another, providing an all-encompassing auditory experience for any occasion.

Upgrading Connection Protocols for JBL Speakers

Upgrade your JBL speaker's connection protocol easily by checking for firmware updates through the JBL Portable App. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to download and install any available updates, enhancing your speaker’s performance and expanding its connectivity options.

Keep an eye out for notifications from the app indicating new firmware releases, as they may include critical improvements and feature enhancements to optimize your speaker experience.


In conclusion, connecting two JBL speakers is simple and enhances your audio experience. Whether using JBL Connect+ or PartyBoost, the process involves activating features on the primary and secondary speakers.

With compatibility for various JBL models and a maximum connection of 100 speakers, you can create an immersive sound environment. Additionally, utilizing the JBL Portable App provides convenient control options for your connected speakers, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

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