Published On: July 21, 2023

Huge Discounts on Klipsch Subwoofers at Crutchfield in July 2023! Save Big on Premium Sound

Published On: July 21, 2023
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Huge Discounts on Klipsch Subwoofers at Crutchfield in July 2023! Save Big on Premium Sound

Unleash the power of bass! Save up to 50% on Klipsch subwoofers at Crutchfield!

Huge Discounts on Klipsch Subwoofers at Crutchfield in July 2023! Save Big on Premium Sound

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Every true audiophile understands the significance of a powerful and immersive sound experience. Nothing adds depth and impact to your audio setup quite like a high-quality subwoofer, and when it comes to top-tier audio equipment, Klipsch stands tall as a legendary name in the industry. 

If you've been holding off on upgrading your sound system due to budget constraints, now is the time to rejoice! Crutchfield is offering massive discounts on three exceptional Klipsch subwoofers, making it the perfect opportunity to elevate your audio game without breaking the bank. Let's dive into the details of these fantastic deals!

Klipsch Reference R-120SW 

Original Price: $599.99 

Discounted Price: $299.00

Klipsch Reference R-120SW

Starting off our list is the Klipsch Reference R-120SW, a powerhouse subwoofer that brings depth and impact to any audio setup. With a massive 12-inch copper-spun woofer, this subwoofer delivers precise, clear, and heart-pounding bass that resonates throughout your room.

The built-in all-digital amplifier provides 200 watts of power, ensuring that every note and beat is felt, not just heard. The R-120SW seamlessly blends with your existing speakers and amplifies the overall sound quality, creating an immersive audio experience that will leave you in awe. And with a staggering -$300.00 Special purchase discount, at just $299.00, this is an offer that can't be missed!

Klipsch SPL-120 

Original Price: $849.00 

Discounted Price: $449.00

Klipsch SPL-120 

Next up is the Klipsch SPL-120, a subwoofer that truly exemplifies the Klipsch legacy of premium sound. Featuring a 12-inch front-firing, spun-copper Cerametallic woofer, the SPL-120 is engineered to deliver exceptionally low frequencies with minimal distortion. 

This subwoofer is powered by a potent 300-watt RMS amplifier, ensuring that your favorite music, movies, and games are brought to life with depth and impact. With its sleek and modern design, the SPL-120 not only sounds phenomenal but also looks stunning in any living space.

At a discounted price of just $449.00, down from $849.00, this subwoofer is an unbeatable steal for anyone seeking superior bass performance.

Klipsch SPL-100 

Original Price $659.00 

Discounted Price: $349.00

Klipsch SPL-100 

Last but not least, the Klipsch SPL-100 subwoofer strikes a perfect balance between power and affordability. With a 10-inch long-throw Cerametallic woofer and a Class D amplifier, the SPL-100 delivers punchy and precise bass that will enhance your audio experience without breaking the bank.

Designed with Klipsch's renowned attention to detail, the SPL-100 features a scratch-resistant ebony finish and a front-firing design for seamless integration into your existing speaker setup. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a casual listener, this subwoofer will undoubtedly impress you with its performance.

At its original price of $659.00, the Klipsch SPL-100 was already an excellent value, but at just $349.00, it's an opportunity too good to miss.

Limited Time Offer: Act Now! 

These incredible discounts on Klipsch subwoofers are only available for a limited time at Crutchfield. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your home audio setup with premium bass performance.

Visit Crutchfield's website or head to their retail stores to take advantage of these jaw-dropping deals. Upgrade your audio game with Klipsch and let the power of deep bass envelop your senses! But hurry, because this offer won't last long. Happy shopping and happy listening!

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