Published On: December 30, 2012

HydraConnect Introduces Crestron Support

Published On: December 30, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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HydraConnect Introduces Crestron Support

HydraConnect is a company that is constantly trying to make media distribution easier for installations. That just got a whole lot easier to do as the company has added support for Crestron.

HydraConnect Introduces Crestron Support

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HydraConnect_HSS3_Crestron_support_small.jpgHydraConnect has introduced a software module that?will enable its HSS family of HDMI matrix processors to interface with Crestron home automation systems. Crestron custom installers will now be able to use a HydraConnect HSS matrix processor for whole house audio, video, and control? distribution in a Crestron home automation system environment.

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The new HSS software includes the? ability to connect eight A/V media sources to up to eight A/V display and sixteen sound locations, control those A/V devices in response to Crestron user interface interactions, and provide A/V device state feedback to the Crestron automation?system.

The features of HSS Matrix Processors include video and control? distribution via 8x8 HDMI and independent 8x16 audio matrix switches. The HSS system provides auto-configuration of detected A/V media devices, automatic EDID and HDCP key management, and patented CEC control and status of A/V devices (including Blu-Ray players, A/V receivers, and TVs) that eliminate the need for IR? flashers and other cabling. An on screen display (OSD) is provided to indicate source media sharing status changes to eliminate consumer confusion that can occur in? multi-source/multi-room environments. It is also used to indicate stereo muting and 3D video state and supports the dealer during installation.

HydraConnect also provides automatic, cloud-based software updates for new features and software improvements, remote access without the need for security weakening port? forwarding, and a web administration interface that is accessible locally and remotely using PCs, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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