Published On: April 16, 2024

iFi Audio Introduces Two New ZEN Models: The iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3

Published On: April 16, 2024
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iFi Audio Introduces Two New ZEN Models: The iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3

iFi Audio unveils its latest offerings with the introduction of the iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3, promising enhanced audio experiences for digital and vinyl music enthusiasts.

iFi Audio Introduces Two New ZEN Models: The iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3

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Renowned hi-fi component manufacturer iFi Audio has unveiled its latest offerings for audiophiles and music enthusiasts worldwide with the introduction of two new products: the iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3. These additions to the ZEN lineup promise enhanced audio experiences and versatile functionality for both digital and vinyl music enthusiasts.

The iFi ZEN DAC 3 represents a significant evolution in the company's desktop DAC range, offering a blend of affordability and high-performance audio playback. Designed for gamers, casual listeners, and audiophiles alike, the ZEN DAC 3 boasts a refreshed design and updated features compared to its predecessor. 

Priced at $229 / £229 / €229, this consumer DAC delivers exceptional sound quality for various applications, including gaming, movie streaming, and hi-res music playback from services like TIDAL and Qobuz.

One of the standout features of the ZEN DAC 3 is its versatility, with both fixed and variable output gain options catering to a wide range of audio setups. Equipped with two 4.4mm balanced outputs—one dedicated to headphones and the other to other Hi-Fi equipment—the ZEN DAC 3 minimizes distortion, crosstalk, and noise, ensuring pristine audio reproduction.

iFi Zen DAC 3

Furthermore, the ZEN DAC 3 supports high-resolution audio formats, including PCM up to 768kHz and DSD up to 512, along with full MQA decoding for an immersive listening experience. Enhanced features such as improved DC offset and USB-C input overvoltage protection add to the device's reliability and safety during operation. 

Additionally, users can customize their listening experience with XBass+ and PowerMatch analog processing modes.

iFi ZEN DAC 3 Technical Specifications:

  • Ultra-res audio: PCM 768kHz, DSD 512 and Full MQA decoding.
  • Improved DC offset and USB-C input overvoltage protection.
  • USB-C input for plug-and-play connectivity.
  • 4.4mm balanced headphone and line outputs.
  • Fixed or variable output gain for optional preamp functionality.
  • XBass+ and PowerMatch analog processing modes.

Complementing the iFi ZEN DAC 3 is the iFi ZEN Phono 3, a turntable preamp tailored for vinyl enthusiasts. Priced at $249, the Phono 3 offers a rich and warm sound characteristic of vinyl playback, enhanced by intelligent features designed to preserve the integrity of the music.

One of the key highlights of the ZEN Phono 3 is its intelligent subsonic filter, which selectively removes imperfections while maintaining the essential bass frequencies present in vinyl records. This should provide a faithful reproduction of the music without compromising its sonic qualities. 

iFi ZEN Phono 3.

Additionally, the Phono 3 boasts a precision RIAA equalization circuit, providing consistent frequency response and preserving the original sonic characteristics of vinyl records.

With balanced and RCA line outputs, the iFi ZEN Phono 3 offers versatile connectivity options, catering to a wide range of audio equipment. The inclusion of a high-precision power supply controller and adjustable gain range further optimizes performance and compatibility with moving coil cartridges, ensuring an exceptional listening experience for vinyl enthusiasts.

iFi ZEN Phono 3 Technical Specifications:

  • Intelligent subsonic filter for removing LP warp without removing low end.
  • Precise RIAA EQ with +/- 0.15dB tolerance from 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Equivalent Input Noise: 151dBV.
  • Outputs: 4.4mm balanced and RCA line.
  • High precision, (1.2MHz) high-current power supply controller.
  • Gain range: 36 – 72dB and load impedance adjustment button for a range of cartridges.
  • Loading options: MM and MC-High (100 & 200pF capacitance) and three options for MC-Low and MC-V Low (100, 400 & 1kΩ).

Both the iFi ZEN DAC 3 and iFi ZEN Phono 3 are now available for purchase from and selected retailers, and you can check out their entire Zen lineup at Crutchfield. With their combination of performance, versatility, and affordability, these new additions to the ZEN lineup are set to delight music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

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