Published On: June 25, 2024

iFi Audio Introduces ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier and ZEN Blue 3 Bluetooth DAC

Published On: June 25, 2024
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iFi Audio Introduces ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier and ZEN Blue 3 Bluetooth DAC

British audio manufacturer iFi Audio introduced the ZEN CAN 3 headphone amplifier and ZEN Blue 3 Bluetooth DAC, which promise to enhance sound quality for music lovers, gamers, and movie fans.

iFi Audio Introduces ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier and ZEN Blue 3 Bluetooth DAC

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iFi Audio, a prominent British company specializing in high-fidelity audio equipment, has officially unveiled two new additions to their product lineup: the ZEN CAN 3 headphone amplifier and the ZEN Blue 3 Bluetooth DAC. Both products are designed to enhance audio quality for audiophiles, gamers, and movie enthusiasts, providing cutting-edge features and improved performance.

ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier

The ZEN CAN 3 is a high-performance headphone amplifier featuring the latest xMEMS micro-speaker amplification mode. This mode is designed to work with the newest xMEMS drivers, which represent a significant advancement in headphone technology. 

xMEMS speakers, manufactured from silicon similarly to computer chips, offer almost zero phase shift and can vibrate up to 150 times faster than traditional drivers. This should enhance clarity and fidelity, providing a superior listening experience.

Front view of the iFi Audio ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier.

The ZEN CAN 3 headphone amplifier also has a variety of EQ modes tailored for different audio environments. Notably, the ZEN CAN 3 includes specialized settings for gaming and movies. The movie mode improves dialogue clarity, making conversations in films more distinct, while the game mode amplifies low-level sound effects, helping gamers detect subtle in-game cues more effectively. 

Additionally, the amplifier features XBass+ and XSpace options, which enhance bass response and create a more spacious sound field, respectively.

Power output is another area where the ZEN CAN 3 excels. It delivers up to 2,000mW of continuous output power, sufficient to drive even the most demanding headphones on the market. The amplifier also offers 0–18dB of adjustable gain in +6dB steps, allowing users to match the output precisely to their headphones.

Rear angle view of the iFi Audio ZEN CAN 3 Headphone Amplifier.

The design of the ZEN CAN 3 headphone amplifier has been updated to align with the aesthetics of the ZEN 3 series. It features a contemporary two-tone finish and a revised volume meter. The front panel buttons are arranged in a distinctive "smile" formation, adding a touch of character to the unit.

Inside, iFi Audio has selected premium components from reputable manufacturers such as Panasonic, TDK, MELF, Texas Instruments, and muRata. The amplification stage employs iFi/AMR’s proprietary 'OV' series op-amps, which the company claims outperform many commercial chips.

The ZEN CAN 3 is available for purchase at, priced at $229 / £229 / €229.

ZEN Blue 3 Wireless DAC

Alongside the ZEN CAN 3, iFi Audio has also launched the ZEN Blue 3, a high-resolution Bluetooth DAC that brings wireless connectivity with lossless CD-quality audio transmission. The ZEN Blue 3 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.4 and supports Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless codec, enabling both reception and transmission of lossless audio. This makes it the world’s first wireless DAC capable of such functionality.

The ZEN Blue 3 offers three operational modes: Bluetooth RX for receiving audio, TX for transmitting audio, and DAC mode for wired use via USB-C or S/PDIF inputs. This versatility ensures that users can enjoy high-quality audio regardless of their setup. 

Front view of the iFi Audio ZEN Blue 3 DAC.

When used in transmission mode, a low-latency button on the front of the unit ensures that audio remains synchronized with video content, making it ideal for gaming and movie watching.

For those using the ZEN Blue 3 in a wired configuration, the device includes a balanced line output, reducing signal noise and crosstalk between channels. The internal components are of audiophile-grade quality, with separate Bluetooth, DAC, and Op-Amp chips rather than a single System-on-a-Chip design. This approach is intended to enhance sound quality and performance.

Rear view of the iFi Audio ZEN Blue 3 DAC.

The ZEN Blue 3 shares the aesthetic characteristics of the ZEN 3 series, featuring a two-tone front panel and a distinctive button layout. As with the ZEN CAN 3, the circuitry includes premium components from manufacturers such as TDK and Texas Instruments, along with iFi/AMR’s 'OV' series op-amps.

The ZEN Blue 3 will be available from July 9th at iFi's official website, with a price of $299 / £299 / €299.

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