Published On: March 19, 2024

iFi Launches GO Bar Kensei: A Portable DAC Infused with Japanese Precision

Published On: March 19, 2024
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iFi Launches GO Bar Kensei: A Portable DAC Infused with Japanese Precision

iFi Audio introduces the GO Bar Kensei, a cutting-edge portable DAC leveraging the advanced K2HD Technology for unparalleled sound quality on the go.

iFi Launches GO Bar Kensei: A Portable DAC Infused with Japanese Precision

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iFi Audio, renowned for its innovative digital-to-analog converters (DACs), has introduced its latest creation, the GO Bar Kensei. This portable DAC represents a fusion of artistry and advanced audio engineering, drawing inspiration from the legendary Japanese swordsmanship tradition.

The GO Bar Kensei, named after the esteemed title given to master swordsmen in Japan, is touted as a pinnacle in portable audio technology. Central to its design is the integration of K2HD Technology, a groundbreaking innovation developed in collaboration with JVCKENWOOD’s sound engineers. This technology is aimed at restoring music to its original master quality, rejuvenating it with the rich harmonics often lost during digitalization.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with JVCKENWOOD and the incredible K2HD Technology, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards delivering unparalleled audio experiences.” said Colin Farch, Head of R&D at iFi. 

iFi GO Bar Kensei features K2HD Technology.

“At iFi we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in sound technology and pushing our products and their components to set new standards in audio. This collaboration unites our engineering innovation with K2HD’s renowned high sound quality technology excellence. 

Together, we are committed to redefining the listening experience for audio fans around the world, leveraging our shared passion for quality and precision in sound reproduction. The GO Bar Kensei marks the start of this partnership and we are excited to share further significant developments.”

Unlike its predecessors, the GO Bar Kensei sets a new standard by supporting digital audio files up to 384kHz, DSD256, and full MQA decoding. This broad compatibility ensures that every note resonates with depth and clarity, offering listeners an unparalleled auditory experience. 

Furthermore, the device boasts four digital filter options, alongside XBass+ and XSpace features, providing users with customizable sound profiles tailored to their preferences.

Crafted from Japanese stainless steel, the GO Bar Kensei exemplifies precision engineering and durability. Each component is meticulously designed to deliver high-end sound quality, reminiscent of the craftsmanship associated with legendary Japanese blades.

iFi GO Bar Kensei DAC

Notable features of the Kensei include its enhanced power output and clock circuitry, which contribute to a wider soundstage, detailed audio reproduction, and robust bass response. Additionally, the device offers multiple output options, including a 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced output and a symmetrical twin-mono output stage, catering to a diverse range of headphones.

For audiophiles seeking optimal performance, the GO Bar Kensei incorporates iFi’s proprietary iEMatch technology, which fine-tunes output levels for sensitive in-ear monitors (IEMs). Additionally, Turbo Mode can boost output by 6dB, ensuring compatibility with even the most demanding headphones.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Supported formats: 384kHz, DSD256 (12.3MHz), full MQA.
  • Digital filters: Standard, Bit Perfect, GTO, Minimum Phase.
  • K2HD Processing: Yes.
  • Headphone 4.4mm output: 477mW @ 32Ω, 7.2V @ 600Ω.
  • Headphone 3.5mm output: 300mW @ 32Ω, 3.8V @ 600Ω.
  • Output impedance (4.4mm): <0.62Ω.
  • SNR: 132dBA (with software mute).
  • DNR: 109dBA.
  • THD+N: <0.002% (6.5mW/2.0V @ 600Ω).
  • Digital inputs: 1 x USB-C.
  • Power consumption: <4W Max.
  • Dimensions: 65 x 22 x 13.2mm.
  • Weight: 65.5g

The GO Bar Kensei is set to hit the market on March 19, 2024, with a retail price of $449 / £449 / €449. Available through selected retailers, this portable DAC promises to redefine the listening experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information and to explore the complete range of iFi's DAC/amp and streaming solutions, visit the official iFi Audio website.

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