Published On: September 27, 2009

IMAX Chooses Audyssey Laboratories For Theaters in 2010

Published On: September 27, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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IMAX Chooses Audyssey Laboratories For Theaters in 2010

MultiEQ is the name of a new calibration and tuning system designed by Audyssey Laboratories to improve the sound quality in IMAX theaters. Audyssey and IMAX have announced their partnership in applying MultiEQ to IMAX systems, beginning in 2010.

IMAX Chooses Audyssey Laboratories For Theaters in 2010

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Audyssey Laboratories and IMAX Corporation just announced a partnership to use MultEQ, the ground-breaking acoustical correction technology developed by Audyssey, to calibrate and tune IMAX® theater sound systems beginning in 2010. Audyssey MultEQ is the world's leading technology used for optimizing time and frequency response in sound systems.

"Sound has always been one of the key elements that make up The IMAX Experience® ," said Brian Bonnick, Executive Vice President, Technology. "With Audyssey's time-domain based calibration technology we are able to further enhance the clarity, imagery and accuracy of the audio experience throughout the entire seating area in our theaters."

MultiEQ uses its patented method for capturing sound information at multiple locations throughout the theater to correct any possible time and frequency response problems that can distort sound. MultEQ working in combination with IMAX's new proprietary audio calibration system will enable an elevated level of acoustical performance not achieved before in cinemas. MultEQ has both commercial and academic credentials; the technology was developed by the co-founders through a multi-year research effort at the world renowned University of Southern California's Immersive Audio Laboratory.
"IMAX's digital sound systems already deliver the world's most accurate sound in a movie theater, and we're very pleased that they have chosen MultEQ to enhance their world-class movie viewing experience even further," says Audyssey CEO Michael Solomon. "This relationship is another step on our journey to bring the best sound quality to consumers in their homes, cars and now movie theaters."

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