Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen Powered Subwoofer

Published On: August 25, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen Powered Subwoofer

The Cascade Model Fifteen "delivers taut, articulate bass, with superior pitch definition." It also features a "sleek, low profile design" that is unique and easy to install. It also "mates perfectly with other Infinity Cascade Series loudspeakers both sonically and in appearance"

Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen Powered Subwoofer

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Infinity Cascade Series loudspeakers have a distinctively appealing design--sleek and thin with curved and tapered baffles. They're so pretty that it would be a shame to mate them with a boxy, clunky subwoofer. This fact is not lost on Infinity, as is evident by one look at their Cascade Model Fifteen powered subwoofer (SRP: $1,499).

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The Cascade Model Fifteen will never be mistaken for any other subwoofer--measuring 13 inches high by 37 inches wide by just 8-1/2 inches deep and weighing in at 98 pounds, it's a long and slim, ground-hugging unit that can be inconspicuously placed against a wall. The Model Fifteen achieves its svelte profile by the use of four square, down-firing 6-inch by 6-inch flat-diaphragm low-frequency drivers. The subwoofer also features an 800-watt amplifier and the Infinity Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System (R.A.B.O.S.), which utilizes a built-in tunable parametric equalizer, test CD, sound level meter and other accessories to compensate for the low-frequency bass peak or dip that can plague a listening room. The subwoofer is available in gloss-black or cherry wood finish.

The Cascade Model Fifteen features a level control, continuously variable crossover frequency range control (from 50Hz - 150Hz), line inputs and outputs (including an LFE input), a 0 - 180 degree phase switch, a normal/LFE switch, and off/on, frequency, level and width controls for the R.A.B.O.S. system.

The Cascade Model Fifteen delivers taut, articulate bass, with superior pitch definition. It delivers plenty of volume, but if you want room-rattling LFE movie effects or like to listen to AC/DC or Metallica at roaringly loud volumes, you might want to consider one or more 15- or 18-inch subs instead. As you'd expect, it's an excellent match for the rest of the loudspeakers in the Cascade Series lineup, and could also be a good choice for listeners who want a high-quality subwoofer that doesn't have the typical boxy subwoofer look.

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infinity_cascade_subwoofer_review.gifHigh Points
The Infinity's sleek, low profile design is unique among subwoofers, and makes it easy to install inconspicuously.
• The Cascade Model Fifteen comes in a choice of good-looking cherry wood or gloss-black finish.
• The subwoofer delivers tight, articulate bass,

Low Points
• This subwoofer is not going to play really, really loud, unlike some other subwoofers on the market.
• Its decidedly different appearance may not appeal to everyone.
• Not that most subwoofers, especially the ones that are any good, are light, but this one's heavy at 98 pounds.
• It's down firing rather than front firing, and some listeners may prefer the latter.


The Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen is a different breed of subwoofer, with a totally unique, slim, horizontal design that makes it easy to fit into a room décor or place along a wall. It delivers tight, authoritative low-frequency performance and mates perfectly with other Infinity Cascade Series loudspeakers both sonically and in appearance.

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