Infinity Cascade Model Five Loudspeaker

Published On: September 4, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Infinity Cascade Model Five Loudspeaker

The first thing you'll notice about the Cascade is its unique look. They have a "completely distinctive, slim and narrow appearance and they utilize Maximum Radiating Surface (MRS) flat-panel drivers. The sonic signature is "quick, clean and agile" and the overall sound impression is one of "outstanding clarity and resolution, with virtually no sonic blurring or "smear."

Infinity Cascade Model Five Loudspeaker

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The Infinity Cascade Series models are unique among loudspeakers--they have a completely distinctive, slim and narrow appearance, and they utilize exclusive Maximum Radiating Surface (MRS) flat-panel drivers that incorporate unconventional design attributes. The Cascade Model Five is the smallest model in the line (SRP: $699 each), and can be used as either a bookshelf or on-wall speaker.

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Like all Infinity Cascade loudspeakers, the Model Five has a sleek, high-tech look, with a curved and tapered front panel available in a cherry wood or gloss-black finish. The front panel is accented by a silver driver mounting bezel and drivers, and the speaker (30-1/4 inches high by 7-3/4 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches deep when used with the stand, 22-1/2 inches by 5-1/2 inches by 5-1/2 inches when wall-mounted) comes with a removable silver stand that enables the Model Five to be used either freestanding or wall-mounted.

One thing to keep in mind about the Cascade Model Five--whether used as part of a stereo music system, or as the front or surround channels of a multichannel home theater surround sound installation, the speaker must be used with a subwoofer. This is not optional, as the Model Five's low frequency response starts to roll off below 92Hz (-6dB). The speaker mates sonically and visually with the Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen or Model Twelve subwoofer (SRP: $1,499 and $999 respectively), although it can be used with any subwoofer with a compatible crossover range.

The Cascade Model Five features one of Infinity's MRS 7-3/4-inch x 3-3/8-inch rectangular flat-panel drivers, along with a 1-inch tweeter. Both driver diaphragms are made using the company's Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm material, an aluminum/ceramic sandwich composite material with light weight and high rigidity, for exceptional transient response and clarity. The Model Five has an 8 ohms nominal impedance, 85dB sensitivity and a recommended amplifier power range of 10 to 100 Watts. The speaker has two sets of screw-type binding posts that enable bi-wiring or bi-amping.

The MRS flat-panel drivers used in all Cascade models (except the subwoofers) feature a flat-panel diaphragm, along with long, narrow dual-elliptical voice coils and a Same Plane Surround design that places the diaphragm level with the surround (as opposed to a conventional cone driver with the surround located in front of the cone), a design that is said to provide a back-and-forth movement that more closely approximates the behavior of a perfect pistonic radiator, for superior time alignment of all the frequencies produced by the driver along with other sonic benefits.

Like the other loudspeakers in the Cascade Series, the combination of quick-response MRS driver and rigid, lightweight CMMD material yields a sonic signature that is quick, clean and agile. Transients like the initial pluck of an acoustic guitar string, the strike of a snare drum, triangle or other percussion instrument, or the sound of a harpsichord are exceptionally convincing. The overall impression is one of outstanding clarity and resolution, with virtually no sonic blurring or "smear."

Although the Model Five can deliver satisfying sonic results when wall-mounted, especially in a surround sound home theater configuration, I think it performs at its best in terms of spaciousness and imaging when moved out into the room. Like its bigger siblings, and maybe even more so considering its 92Hz low-frequency rolloff point, the Model Five needs to be carefully integrated with a subwoofer for a smooth, musically credible sonic blend between bass, midrange and treble, and to avoid a sucked-out midrange or unnaturally bloated midbass. The Model Five's almost ruthless resolution also means that it benefits from being paired with high-quality source components and electronics. Its modest driver complement also precludes the speaker from playing at really loud volumes, especially in larger rooms.

It's definitely not a "set it and forget it" speaker, but with proper care and attention to placement and associated equipment, the Infinity Cascade Model Five can be an exemplary performer, especially in a multichannel home theater system.

Read about the high points and low points of the Cascade Model Five on Page 2.

High Points
• The  bookshelf speaker's striking design is unique, and absolutely stunning.
• The Model Five's slim proportions and modest size make it easy to
integrate into a home entertainment system and décor. It can also be
• The Cascade Model Five offers excellent sound quality, with superb clarity and resolution.

Low Points
• The speaker's limited frequency response mandates its use with a subwoofer.
• It's not going to play super-loud and it's not the most dynamic speaker around.
• Its unique appearance isn't going to appeal to everyone.

The Infinity Cascade Model Five, like all Cascade models, is a speaker
that is unique in appearance and design, incorporating exclusive
Infinity Maximum Radiating Surface (MRS) flat panel drivers that enable
a slim form factor while delivering exceptional transient response,
resolution and clarity. It's not an all-things-to-all people
speaker--its limited low frequency response means that it must be used
with a subwoofer, and if you want to play Metallica or Lamb of God at
brain-rattling volumes, you should look elsewhere. Care must be taken
in placement, and it deserves to be used with top-quality associated
equipment. That said, the Cascade Model Five's combination of striking,
sleek appearance, freestanding or wall-mountable installation
flexibility and outstanding sound quality make it an appealing product,
especially for people who insist upon elegantly designed home
entertainment components that fit into their listening room and home

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