Infinity PSW310W Wireless Subwoofer Review

Published On: May 9, 2009
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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Infinity PSW310W Wireless Subwoofer Review

By being wireless, the PSW310W allows the subwoofer to be installed in a much greater variety of locations. The design was elegant and the subwoofer's CMMD drivers "deliver a punchy, articulate bass." Overall, it "delivers high-performance that's low-end for the price."

Infinity PSW310W Wireless Subwoofer Review

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The Infinity PSW310W wireless subwoofer incorporates a simple idea - make a subwoofer wireless - that has a wealth of practical implications. With a conventional wired subwoofer, a line-level cable has to be connected to it from the A/V receiver, which can limit subwoofer placement if it's impossible to run the cable to a particular location. The PSW310W, on the other hand, eliminates the need to run a cable from the receiver to the subwoofer, thereby freeing up the subwoofer to be installed in a greater variety of locations.

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The Infinity PSW310W (suggested retail price: $1,199) comes with a transmitter unit that attaches to an A/V receiver (or other signal source) and a receiver unit that is built into the subwoofer. The transmitter and receiver operate on the 2.4GHz range, and provide a choice of four selectable channels. The PSW310W incorporates a 400-watt amplifier, a ten-inch woofer featuring Infinity's Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD) cone material, and two ten-inch CMMD passive radiators.

The CMMD drivers utilize cones that are made by anodizing a ceramic material to both sides of an aluminum core. This construction creates a lightweight, rigid cone designed for improved transient response and articulation.

The woofer is front-firing, and the two passive radiators are side-firing, in an enclosure that measures seventeen-and-a-half inches high by fourteen inches wide by fourteen-and-three-quarters inches deep, weighing 50 pounds. Frequency response is from 32Hz - 150Hz. The PSW310W includes crossover level and frequency controls, a phase switch, and line level and LFE inputs, so it can also be used as a wired subwoofer. Additionally, the PSW310W includes the Infinity Bass Optimization System, an equalizer system that is used to correct for a low-frequency peak or dip in a room to provide more even bass response.

The PSW310W is styled to match Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers (but can be used with any loudspeaker brand), with a curved top surface, a choice of gloss black or cherry-wood finishes and silver horizontal trim pieces along the top and bottom of a black grille. It's much nicer-looking than your typical woofer-in-a-black-box.

In practice, the wireless capability works well as long as the transmission from the receiver isn't blocked by metal or some other types of building materials; at a trade show, an Infinity subwoofer worked just fine in the midst of a throng of gadgets, electronics, cell phones and Blackberries. The CMMD drivers give the PSW310W tight, articulate low-frequency capability, and having a total of three ten-inch drivers and passive radiators provides a large amount of woofer surface area to generate a generous amount of bass. For optimum sonic performance, it's best to keep the side-firing passive radiators away from a wall and to avoid blocking the front-firing woofer (with a piece of furniture, for example).

Read about the high points and the low points of the PSW310W on Page 2.

Infinity_PSW310W_subwoofer.gifHigh Points
• The PSW310W is a wireless subwoofer that enables installation in areas where conventional wired subwoofers can't be placed.
• The subwoofer's CMMD drivers deliver punchy, articulate bass.

• The PSW310W is elegant in design and comes in a choice of gloss black or cherry-wood finish.

Low Points

• The woofers and passive radiators are front- and side-firing, not down-firing, and should not be blocked by walls or furniture.
• Since the PSW310W sends and receives RF (radio frequency) signals, it's possible that interference could occur in some situations (the unit provides four selectable channels to guard against this).
• The transmission range and signal performance can be affected by building materials used in the home.

The Infinity PSW310W's wireless capability gives it added installation flexibility compared to wired subwoofers. It eliminates the need to run a connecting wire from the A/V receiver to the subwoofer. Its CMMD drivers deliver clean, articulate bass down to 32Hz. It's a substantial home theater investment at $1,199, but it delivers high-performance that's low-end for the price.

Read over 50 subwoofer reviews from the likes of Klipsch, Polk, SVS, Velodyne, Revel, B&W and many others.

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