Published On: September 13, 2014

Integra Expands Dolby Atmos Lineup of Receivers and Pre/Pros

Published On: September 13, 2014
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Integra Expands Dolby Atmos Lineup of Receivers and Pre/Pros

At CEDIA this week, Integra showed off three new AV receivers and one pre/pro with Dolby Atmos capability, HDBaseT support, THX certification, WRAT amplifiers, and network connectivity with support for hi-res audio playback. The specifics for each model are provided...

Integra Expands Dolby Atmos Lineup of Receivers and Pre/Pros

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Integra-DHC-806.jpgAt CEDIA this week, Integra showed off three new AV receivers and one pre/pro with Dolby Atmos capability, HDBaseT support, THX certification, WRAT amplifiers, and network connectivity with support for hi-res audio playback. The specifics for each model are provided below.

From Integra
Integra, the leading brand of audio-video components specifically engineered for custom installation, has introduced additions to its 2014 line-up of A/V receivers and preamp/processors supporting Dolby Atmos. The new DTR-50.6, DTR-60.6, DTR-70.6, and DHC-80.6 are all THX-certified and support HDMI 2.0 for 4K/60Hz, as well as next generation HDCP 2.2 copy protection.

With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing clarity, power, detail, and depth. Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound places and moves sounds around the room, like a bird chirping or rainfall from above, to make every sonic element come alive. As with the previously announced DTR-30.6 and DTR-40.6, the DTR-50.6 will receive a FW update in September to take advantage of the new Dolby Atmos processing. The DTR-60.6, DTR-70.6, and DHC-80.6 will support the Dolby Atmos format out of the box when they ship.

These units also support HDBaseT technology, which allows HDMI audio/video signals to be transmitted over much longer distances with a more-easily-installed cable than conventional HDMI connection. By incorporating HDBaseT technology, these new additions to the Integra offering are optimized for whole-home distribution and can connect to compatible entertainment devices in the home through a single CAT5e/6 cable. HDBaseT is the only technology that enables long-reach wired connectivity up to 325 feet (100 meters) for uncompressed full HD multimedia content including 3D and 2K/4K Ultra HD, making it ideal for the custom integration specialists. The HDBaseT and HDMI output ports in these new Integra models can be assigned for either main or second-zone configuration. Along with the DTR-40.6, Integra now offers five (5) models that support HDBaseT; by far the most of any manufacturer.

The new DHC-80.6 is a THX Ultra2 Plus Certified 11.2-channel network A/V preamp/processor sporting eight HDMI 2.0 inputs for 4K/60Hz support and three outputs. In addition to Zone2 HDMI and HDBaseT, the DHC-80.6 is equipped with 11.2 multichannel balanced XLR pre-outs (with front bi-amp capability), two-channel balanced XLR audio inputs, as well as 11.2 multichannel pre-outs and audio-grade 18mm-pitch RCA Pre-Outs (Front L / R).

Meanwhile, the DTR-70.6 is an 11.2-channel, THX Select2 Plus network A/V receiver that boasts 135 watts per channel of power. The DTR-70.6 supports an abundant package of connectivity options, including eight-in/three-out HDMI, the aforementioned HDBaseT port and Zone 2 HDMI, and 11.2 multichannel pre-outs. If preferred, the unit can be configured to assign four of the nine available channels to drive audio in Zone 2 and Zone 3 simultaneously.

The DTR-60.5 is a 9.2-channel, THX Select2 Plus network A/V receiver, which is also rated at 135 watts per channel. Like the DTR-70.6, it comes with eight-in/three-out HDMI supporting HDBaseT and Zone2 HDMI.

The final addition to the line is the DTR-50.6, a THX Select2 Plus Dolby Atmos ready A/V network receiver capable of providing 130 watts per channel of power. It's complete with seven-in, two-out HDMI and supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and HDBaseT connectivity.

Amplification comes courtesy of proprietary WRAT (Wide Range Amp Technology) and discrete Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry, a combination that preserves a distinctively musical sound even at high volumes.

All models provide management of the main and multi-zone entertainment via the Integra smartphone app, which encompasses the selection of online streaming services, internet radio channels, and network audio files. The network connection provides Internet radio and streaming music services, with preformatted service packages for Spotify, Pandora, SlackerTM, Tune In, and SIRIUS XM Internet Radio. They also support the playback of high-definition music files in FLAC, DSD, ALAC, HD 24/96, and HD 24/192 formats from HD music download services.

In addition to having the power to steer high-res movie soundtracks at theater-reference volumes, the receiver is loaded with high-end features to optimize two-channel performance. The DHC-80.6 and DTR-70.6 incorporate 192-kHz/32-bit TI Burr-Brown DACs for all channels (with one stereo DAC per front channel in Differential DAC mode), while the DTR-60.6 and DTR-50.6 are equipped with 192-kHz/32-bit TI Burr-Brown DACs for exceptional audio quality.

All models also include proprietary AccuEQ room calibration. AccuEQ measures and corrects speaker distances, levels, crossovers, and frequency response from one convenient listening position to ensure cohesive surround sound while enabling playback of 7.1-channel formats at 96 kHz without down-sampling. For pure and authentic stereo performance, AccuEQ bypasses the front channels so the unique character of the user's loudspeakers can be enjoyed without DSP correction potentially altering the sound.

Qdeo technology by Marvell upscales low-resolution video to 1080p for Full HD displays and 4K for compatible UHD screens. All three components include selectable ISF video calibration, which optimizes picture settings to industry standards with night and day modes for optimal viewing in any conditions. Together, these technologies deliver next-generation video to big-screen TVs and projectors with picture quality that is nothing short of spectacular

The Integra DHC-80.6 AV preamp/processor and DTR-70.6 and DTR-60.6 A/V receivers will be available in October with suggested retail prices of $3,200, $2,800, and $2,300 respectively, while the DTR-50.6 is currently shipping at a retail price of $1,700.

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