Published On: September 27, 2008

Introducing Boston Acoustics "Classic Series" Loudspeakers

Published On: September 27, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Introducing Boston Acoustics "Classic Series" Loudspeakers

The Classic Series of loudspeakers from Boston Acoustics has been made available for sale to the public. They include five new models: the CS 226 Floorstanding Loudspeaker; CDS 225C Center Channel; CS 26 Bookshelf; CS 23 Compact Bookshelf and the CS Sub10 Subwoofer.

Introducing Boston Acoustics "Classic Series" Loudspeakers

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Boston Acoustics® , Inc., a manufacturer of loudspeakers, today announced the introduction of its Classic Series loudspeakers.

The five new Boston Acoustics Classic Series models include: the CS 226 6-1/2" 2-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker (MAP: $249.99), CS 225C 2-Way Dual 5-1/4" Center Channel (MAP: $179.99), CS 26 2-Way 6-1/2" Bookshelf (MAP: $149.99), CS 23 2-Way 3-1/2" Compact Bookshelf (MAP: $99.99), and CS Sub10 100-watt 10" Down-Firing DCD Subwoofer (MAP: $249.99). In addition, Boston Acoustics is offering a complete CS 2300 5-channel surround sound system (MAP: $599), consisting of four CS 23 Bookshelf speakers and a CS 223C Center Channel. (See attached sheet for key specifications on each model.) Expected availability for Models CS 226, CS 225C, CS 26, and the CS Sub10 subwoofer is September 2008, with the CS 23 Bookshelf and the CS 2300 system scheduled for expected October 2008 availability.

Boston Acoustics Senior Vice President & General Manager Eli Harary, noted: "Today's home entertainment consumer is both performance- and value-driven. We engineered our new Classic Series loudspeakers to satisfy modern tastes for impeccable audio performance, as well as the desire for classic elegance and styling. The result is a great-looking and great-sounding speaker that's ideal for use in virtually any home entertainment system, and which combines our legendary sound with a classic traditional cabinet look. The Boston Acoustics Classic Series is without question one of today's best performance-value propositions."

Ideal for Multi-Channel Home Theater or Stereo-Only Music Systems

All Classic Series freestanding speakers are designed to be combined with each other in any configuration in order to build the ideal system for any listening application. The speakers are finished in either Black Walnut or Cherry Vinyl.

All Classic Series loudspeakers include the following:

• Kortec® Soft Dome Tweeters
• Advanced graphite-injected woofers featuring Deep Channel Design (DCD•)
• Acoustically tuned ports
• 5-way gold-plated binding posts
• MagnaGuard® magnetic shielding

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