Published On: February 1, 2023

Introducing Vestia: Focal's New Release of Loudspeakers

Published On: February 1, 2023
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Introducing Vestia: Focal's New Release of Loudspeakers

Discover optimal sound with Focal's Vestia loudspeakers!

Introducing Vestia: Focal's New Release of Loudspeakers

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Focal, the French audio brand, unveils Vestia, their newest line of speakers designed to deliver detailed sound like never before.

These loudspeakers offer superb audio quality and an aesthetically appealing design. Vestia’s unique craftmanship and engineering allow listeners to experience pronounced sound, rich bass, and clear highs. Whether you're listening to your favorite artist, playing a game, or watching the latest show on TV, Vestia speakers provide an immersive experience.

focal vestia speaker

Featuring five products — Vestia N°1, Vestia N°2, Vestia N°3, Vestia N°4, and Vestia Center — Vestia is made with modern technology and expertise in Focal's French workshops. The speakers provide an engaging soundstage, with a spotlight on the listener for a more immersive listening experience. The line also can be paired with the SUB 600P subwoofer for deep, immersive bass. Vestia is ideal for both residential and professional spaces alike, including your home theater. Pricing for this set of high-fidelity loudspeakers range from $599 to $2,199.

focal vestia no.4 speaker
Vestia N°4

Focal is proud to offer this innovative line of speakers and invites everyone to experience the high-quality sounds of Vestia.

From Focal:

CES, Las Vegas – January 5, 2023 - The French brand Focal expands its collection of loudspeakers for Home with Vestia. This line comprises five models and has been designed for high-quality music enjoyment and Home Cinema experiences delivered by Focal’s renowned savoir-faire in acoustic. The brand which is recognized by the French government as a French “Living Heritage Company” chose its exclusive Slatefiber cone for Vestia range.


Vestia delivers the purity of Focal sound, made even finer thanks to a host of sound details and a significantly improved treble reproduction. Developed and made in France in Focal’s workshops, the Vestia line boasts five products: Vestia N°2, Vestia N°3 and Vestia N°4 are floorstanding models; Vestia N°1 is a bookshelf loudspeaker for small spaces; and Vestia Center is a center loudspeaker for a Home Cinema configuration. For even higher performing, these products can be combined with the SUB 600P subwoofer for deep and encompassing bass. In addition, stands are tilted to provide an optimal and natural soundstage, more focused on the listener for an even more immersive listening experience.


Focal offers the best acoustic loudspeakers in terms of sound, but also design. Refined, the Vestia models present a dynamic and sleek design that blends seamlessly into all styles of interior. For this line, inspired by Vesta and Hestia– goddesses of the hearth and the home – the French brand has chosen refined finishes: Black High Gloss, Dark Wood or Light Wood for the side panels, accompanied by a black or white leather effect for the front panels. Every detail counts, with metallic rings perfecting the aesthetic finish. For greater discretion, Vestia loudspeaker owners can cover their models with the grille provided.


Focal is a specialist in speaker driver cones and has chosen its Slatefiber cone for Vestia. Born with Chora in 2019, this cone made from recycled carbon fibers was a huge hit from the moment it appeared. The engineers continued their development work to make it even higher performing and adapt it to studio monitors (Alpha Evo) and in-car kits (Slatefiber line). Focal has also chosen the innovative ‘M’-shaped dome TAM tweeter for the treble. Initially developed for the car collection, this exclusive tweeter has been revamped to work with hi-fi loudspeakers, and now makes its first appearance in products for the home. Lastly, the loudspeakers feature a port towards the front for more frontal impact, and a rear port for an encompassing bass – creating a bass – reflex profile that promotes a deeper soundstage.

Now available for purchase, look into adding this line of speakers to your collection.

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