It's Time To Get Over Pioneer's KURO HDTV

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PioneerKURo_60inch.gifIt's time people. It's time to get over Pioneer's KURO plasma HDTV. Yes, they got all kinds of enthusiast ink from the top publications including reviews from us here at We reviewed the Pioneer Elite KURO Pro 115, the Pioneer Pro-141FD, the Pioneer Pro-111FD, the Pioneer Pro-150FD as well as other high end plasma sets - but it's been over two years since Pioneer pulled the plug on their lauded HDTVs. In the fast-paced world of flat HDTVs, Pioneer's KURO sets are more a part of 1080p's history than the legend that they've become in some circles.

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Did Pioneer KURO have the best blacks at the time they were on the market? Yes they did - but Panasonic was very close behind even in KURO's heyday. Today Panasonic's, LG's and even Samsung's plasma HDTVs are better than Pioneer KURO sets, yet somehow the KURO sets continue a legacy that respectfully many customers were not willing to support. What they buy at the time, in the early parts of an ugly recession, is more of the Vizio/Westinghouse "Twice the TV screen for half of the price" value proposition as opposed to the model of "The best HDTV money can buy at nearly double the price of other sets." If people want the best performance - they have to pay for it and when it came to KURO, expensive, high performance HDTVs didn't sell as well when the housing market went into the tank along with the global economy. Additionally, few of KURO's supporters today call the brand out for their oddball, eyeball campaigns that used a Japanese word to sell HDTVs with the best black levels by using a foreign language. It was too artsy and too inconsistent. I remember the click rates for Sony, Toshiba and others at the time being much higher, as scary eyes don't sell HDTVs the same way that simple copy like "The best black level money can buy" statements do.

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