Published On: February 4, 2021

James Tanner is Bryston’s New CEO

Published On: February 4, 2021
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James Tanner is Bryston’s New CEO

The new CEO acquired Bryston in partnership with Colquhoun Audio, and will be implementing new changes to the company

James Tanner is Bryston’s New CEO

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Bryston’s former VP, James Tanner, recently acquired the company in partnership with Colquhoun Audio. As the new CEO, Tanner will be implementing an online ordering portal, web-to-dealer referral service, a customer service hotline, and expanded manufacturing.

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Here’s more from Bryston:

Bryston (, a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics and loudspeakers for music and cinema systems sold through the finest dealers worldwide, announced today that the company has been acquired by longtime VP James Tanner in partnership with Colquhoun Audio, a manufacturer of premium audio products also based in Canada. Effective immediately, James Tanner is Bryston's CEO.

Tanner, who joined Bryston in 1976, has a passion for the storied brand and shares an unrelenting drive to deliver the high-performance audio experience sought after by Bryston customers. In partnership with Colquhoun Audio, Tanner will strengthen relationships with the dealer community by adding a host of new services such as:

    • An online portal for order processing
    • A web-to-dealer referral service
    • An expanded sales team
    • A customer service hotline, providing real time support to dealers and consumers
    • Expanded and modernized R&D and manufacturing at Bryston—remaining true to their Made in Canada tradition of outstanding quality.

Former Bryston CEO Chris Russell is retiring, but will remain active as a consultant with the company founded by his family decades ago. Chris’s vast knowledge of Bryston product design will still be a part of Bryston going forward.

“There are very few high-performance audio brands that offer the 40-plus year legacy of best-in-class products and award-winning services that Bryston does—and we are committed to providing our worldwide network of dealers with the tools they need to be even more successful,” Tanner explained. “I am very excited about the next generation of Bryston products, beginning with the new BR-20 preamplifier scheduled to start shipping this month, as well as several stellar designs currently in development.”

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