Published On: May 26, 2010

JBL On Stage Micro II Packs Big Sound in Small Package

Published On: May 26, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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JBL On Stage Micro II Packs Big Sound in Small Package

JBL once known for their home and theater speakers has started to make a bigger name for itself in the portable/personal music space, specifically through their manufacturing and marketing of iPod centric solutions such as their newly announced Micro II portable music/docking station.

JBL On Stage Micro II Packs Big Sound in Small Package

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Portable Mini Docking Station Makes a Return With iPhone Compatibility

A compact iPod- and iPhone-compatible dock, the new JBL On Stage Micro II from Harman International is the second iteration of the JBL On Stage Micro (originally released in 2006) and features the same technology as its older sibling - with broader iPhone compatibility.

The JBL On Stage Micro II is a portable iPod and iPhone docking sound system ready to go anywhere and fits into the palm of a hand. A junior version of the popular JBL On Stage IIIP, the sound system fits many lifestyles - business trips, cooking sessions in the kitchen or dance parties in a dorm room. The JBL On Stage Micro II is equipped with two Odyssey transducers and a remote. Powered by an AC adapter or four AAA batteries that will provide up to 24 hours of continuous play, and is also certified to work with iPhone.

"At the end of a long day, when your iPhone battery is drained from making calls, you can charge it, have it wake you up the next morning to the rich, clean sound of your favorite song or pack it to go on your next flight out," said Christopher M. Dragon, director of consumer and field marketing, Harman International. "When it comes down to it, our number one passion is engineering the best sound quality possible, and with the On Stage Micro II, you can have it anywhere you go."

Additionally, the remote can adjust volume, change tracks and fast forward/reverse through songs from across the room. In Navigation mode, it features full iPod and iPhone functionality, and listeners can browse by song, artist or album, and select playlists and slideshows plus videos.

The newest JBL junior dock is lightweight and compact, and compatible with most docking iPod and iPhone devices. It incorporates the Apple iPod universal dock adapter, and connects directly to iTunes via USB 2.0 with a Mac or a PC to synchronize the iPod/iPhone that's being charged. It provides touch-volume settings and mute controls, and a built-in stereo mini-jack input for connecting to other digital music players, CD players, gaming devices, laptops and desktop computers.

Pricing and Availability

The JBL On Stage Micro II is available in black and silver, has a suggested retail price of $129 and will be available beginning in May 2010.

Additional Features

Evercharge topology - JBL On Stage Micro II will charge your iPhone or iPod without a computer connection, even when the system is off.

Odyssey transducers - Aluminum-domed transducers deliver four octaves of mid- to low-frequency sound.

Slipstream port design - Proprietary port architecture improves bass output while minimizing distortion.

AEMS (Advanced Energy Management System) - JBL On Stage Micro II can operate for up to 24 continuous hours at normal listening levels with four fresh AAA batteries (including NiMH and other rechargeable batteries). To extend battery life, JBL On Stage Micro II automatically enters "sleep" mode in the absence of an input signal. The system awakens at the previous volume level with just a touch.

COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization) - Proper equalization improves stereo imaging. The JBL On Stage Micro II system is computer-optimized for better soundstaging.

OCT (Optimized Compression Topology) - A proprietary compression technology that improves sound at high-output levels.

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