Published On: January 8, 2024

JBL Presents New PartyBox Speakers with AI Sound Boost at CES 2024

Published On: January 8, 2024
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JBL Presents New PartyBox Speakers with AI Sound Boost at CES 2024

JBL unveils its new PartyBox speakers at CES 2024, featuring AI Sound Boost, dynamic lighting, and extended playtime for an enhanced party experience.

JBL Presents New PartyBox Speakers with AI Sound Boost at CES 2024

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JBL has unveiled its latest lineup of PartyBox speakers at CES 2024, aiming to elevate the party experience with immersive sound and dynamic lighting. The new PartyBox series includes the JBL PartyBox Club 120, JBL PartyBox Stage 320, and the optional JBL PartyBox Wireless Microphone.

These new PartyBox speakers are designed to add excitement to your events, boasting punchy sound and mesmerizing lighting effects. The extended playtime, enabled by a user-replaceable battery (optional), and upgraded Bluetooth capabilities, provide added flexibility for any party need. 

Both models also feature HARMAN's Original Pro Sound and AI Sound Boost, a real-time audio analysis with AI algorithms, ensuring powerful and distortion-free sound.

JBL PartyBox Speakers 2024 - The JBL PartyBox Club 120

The PartyBox Club 120 is set to provide a full-range sound experience and a captivating light show with starry lights, light trails, and strobe light effects that sync with your music. An exciting feature of the Club 120 is the ability to pair unlimited JBL PartyBoxes together, allowing you to create a room-filling audio experience. 

With up to 12 hours of playtime and the option to double it with an easy-to-swap replaceable battery, the Club 120 also includes microphone inputs and a guitar input, making it perfect for musical creativity. Compatibility with the JBL PartyBox App (iOS, Android) enhances user control.

For those seeking a bigger sound experience, the PartyBox Stage 320 offers high-sensitivity woofers and dual tweeters. Designed with portability in mind, it features a telescopic handle and wide, sturdy wheels, ensuring you can transport it easily from one event to the next. 

JBL PartyBox Speakers 2024 - The JBL PartyBox Stage 320

With an impressive 18 hours of playtime, which can be doubled with a swappable battery, and the added convenience of FastCharge capabilities, you'll be dancing all night. Like the Club 120, the Stage 320 can pair with unlimited JBL PartyBox speakers and connect with other JBL Auracast-enabled portable speakers.

To enhance the party experience further, JBL offers the optional PartyBox Wireless Microphone. This microphone comes in a plug-and-play two-mic pack, featuring a Cardioid pattern pickup, a shock mount system to minimize handling noise, and a built-in pop filter to eliminate breathing noise. 

With 20 hours of playtime and a rechargeable battery that can be charged while in use, this microphone is compatible with JBL PartyBox speakers, allowing for lively duets and vocal performances.

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic

The PartyBox Club 120, PartyBox Stage 320, and PartyBox Wireless Microphone are expected to be available on in April 2024. In terms of pricing, the JBL PartyBox Club 120 comes in at $399.95, while the PartyBox Stage 320 is priced at $599.95. The PartyBox Wireless Microphone, available in a two-mic pack, will retail at $149.95.

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