Published On: January 4, 2024

JLab Unveils JBuds Lux Headphones and ANC 3 Earbuds at CES 2024

Published On: January 4, 2024
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JLab Unveils JBuds Lux Headphones and ANC 3 Earbuds at CES 2024

Ahead of the CES 2024 official kick-off, JLab has given the world a glimpse of its ambitions in the audio realm, presenting the JBuds Lux over-ear headphones and JBuds ANC 3 True Wireless Earbuds.

JLab Unveils JBuds Lux Headphones and ANC 3 Earbuds at CES 2024

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As CES 2024 approaches, JLab, a brand not particularly known for high-end audio equipment, has garnered attention by introducing two budget-friendly noise-canceling audio devices – the JBuds Lux over-ear headphones and the JBuds ANC 3 True Wireless Earbuds. These offerings have generated buzz due to their competitive pricing and an array of features that make them stand out in their respective categories.

The JBuds Lux over-ear headphones are being marketed as JLab's first foray into the "luxury" wireless headphone market, with a price tag of just $79.99. While the term "luxury" may be a stretch for some, the specifications and features of the JBuds Lux are intriguing. 

These headphones boast 40mm drivers, a common size found in more expensive competitors like Sony and Bose. They also support Bluetooth 5.3, including Bluetooth Multipoint and LE audio capabilities, providing users with the convenience of connecting to two devices simultaneously.

JLab JBuds Lux over-ear headphones in four different colors: cloud white, graphite, sage and mauve.

One standout feature of the JBuds Lux is the support for spatial audio, including Dolby Atmos, Tempest 3D AudioTech, and Windows Sonic, enhancing the immersive audio experience. 

Active noise canceling further improves audio quality by reducing external disturbances, making them suitable for various listening environments. With an impressive battery life of up to 70 hours and customizable EQ settings via the control app, the JBuds Lux aims to offer solid value in a competitive market segment.

The JBuds ANC 3 True Wireless Earbuds, priced at $59.99 at Amazon, are another budget-friendly offering from JLab. These earbuds, while not the most expensive in the JLab lineup, come packed with features like Bluetooth Multipoint, USB Type-C charging, improved adaptive noise cancellation, and longer battery life.

JLab JBuds ANC 3 True Wireless Earbuds

The "Be Aware" mode on the JBuds ANC 3 allows users to hear their surroundings, making them suitable for outdoor activities and workouts. These earbuds offer a range of 7 to 9 hours per earbud and up to 42 hours when recharged in the case. Notably, a 10-minute charge can provide 2 hours of playback, offering a quick solution for users on the go. Their IP55 rating ensures they can withstand sweat and splashes during intense workouts.

A unique feature of the JBuds ANC 3 is the "Movie Mode," designed to reduce audio lag when paired with a TV or computer, ensuring better synchronization of audio and video, a common issue with standard Bluetooth connections.

In terms of design, the JBuds ANC 3's compact case is incredibly portable, making them suitable for everyday use. They are available in black, and JLab aims to provide an affordable yet feature-rich option in the true wireless earbud market.

As these products make their debut at CES 2024, consumers will be keeping a close eye on JLab's offerings to see if they truly deliver on their promise of affordability and performance. With impressive specifications and attractive pricing, JLab's JBuds Lux and JBuds ANC 3 could find a place in the audio market as budget-friendly alternatives with advanced features.

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