JM Labs SIB & CUB 5.1 Speaker System Reviewed

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JM Labs SIB & CUB 5.1 Speaker System Reviewed

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Right around the second quarter of last year, reviews of the JM Labs Sib & Cub 5.1 speaker ensemble started popping up all over the world. This is to be expected when a company well known for its accomplishments in the world of high fidelity introduces an offering in the mid- to entry-level price point. We received our JM Lab Sib & Cub 5.1 review sample right at the peak of the hype.

Rather than rush a review on the Sib & Cub, we elected to live with the ensemble for an extended period of time in order to apply a real world review.

Unique Features The JM Lab Sib & Cub commands attention with its unique appearance. An obvious European flavor hints at the company's French foundation while the build quality holds true to JM heritage.

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Each Sib satellite speaker is identical with a concave front baffle featuring a steel mesh grille and simulated wood trim. The foot of each satellite can be rolled completely backward to act as an integrated wall mount--complete with wall anchors and screws.

The back of the Sib has an oval shaped indentation where spring loaded speaker connections can be found. This was a nice touch on an entry level system.

The Cub (subwoofer) of the Sib & Cub system is remarkably simple in its design and application compared to that of the Sib satellite. Here, a single seven-inch downward-firing woofer powered by a modest 75-watt internal amplifier is all that's needed to get the job done.

Simple, yet still quite stylish, the Cub features a coated charcoal gray enclosure and brushed aluminum back plate. The subwoofer comes complete with high and low level inputs and outputs, phase and crossover controls, and gain to control the output.

Installation/Setup/Ease of Use - We installed the Sib satellites on the wall for the front and rear and left the center channel slightly below the display, aimed upward into the listening area. The wall brackets included with the Sibs do not allow for horizontal adjustments, but they can be removed completely. After-market brackets are readily available.

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