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Are you a passionate creator in the consumer tech, home theater or audio space? Do you want to boost your earnings and grow your audience? Welcome to the Tech Creator Collective – an exclusive group for top-tier creators like you! 🌟

You're not paid enough, here is why:

Creators, media, and writers have long struggled to keep up with the allure of Google and Facebook ads, which attempt to encourage brands to spend big by creating compelling reporting around ROAS. When an Ad is clicked and a purchase is eventually made, brands are able to track this conversion and the tools will attribute 100% of the purchase to the performance of the ad. In reality - a technology purchasing decision is typically long and multi-faceted, and influencers play an extremely crucial role in many steps. Yet as individuals, influencers are typically not able to prove their value and underprice their services and access to their audiences. Our mission at the Collective is to provide a counterpoint to this trend and carve off a larger portion of marketing budgets for influencers.

Are you a passionate creator in the consumer tech, home theater or audio space? Do you want to boost your earnings and grow your audience? Welcome to the Tech Creator Collective – an exclusive group for top-tier creators like you! 🌟 4d3e4e1e image

How do brands benefit?

By offering brands comprehensive management services, combined audiences, and complete attribution performance reporting, the Collective is able to execute campaigns across multiple YouTube channels and properties. This added value and convenience is designed to redirect marketing spend from big platforms like Google and Facebook, and prove that the PR, Influencer, and Media channels provide more impactful Return-on-Ad-Spend(ROAS) than CPM banners and Shopping Ads alone.

Collective's Mission

The collective aims to bring together Influencers, Media, PR, and Marketing teams in a symbiotic partnership. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and the collective aims unite members around our shared goals. Our mission is to empower content creators by providing consistent compensation and helping ensure objectivity in product reviews and content.

With hundreds of thousands of YouTube and Email subscribers, millions of social media and website engagements, the Collective is a unique way for brands to partner with influencers like you at scale.

Why Join Us? 🤔

  • 💰 Done-for-you Video Sponsorship Sales: Say goodbye to the hustle of finding sponsors! We will pitch your channel to brands and leverage our existing connections.
  • 📈 More Consistent Earnings: Secure a steady income with our base flat fee system.
  • 👀 Increase your Subscriber Count: Get your videos seen by more enthusiasts and fans with a dedicated HomeTheaterReview profile page, email newsletter mentions, and links from our articles.
  • 🎥Product Samples and Brand Relationships: Sponsorship relationships are built on trust and visibility. By partnering with us, we will work to get you the latest products in for review.

How It Works 🛠️

  1. Create your videos: Just do what you do best, but with mid-roll video ads and description/first comment CTAs inserted.
  2. Create Sponsored videos: Earn even more with dedicated special assignments, like brand focused tours, reviews, livestreams, and event spotlight coverage.
  3. Get paid: Earn a flat fee based on your subscriber/average view count.
  4. Monetize your Back Catalog: Our writers and editors craft a written version of your content, published on with links back to your video. For each published article, we pay a flat $75 fee!
  5. No-Risk Trial Period: Our initial term is three months and non-exclusive.

What to Expect? 📝

  • 🎁 More Product Samples & Review Gear: Leverage our brand relationships to secure product samples and gear loans.
  • 💰Higher and More Consistent Earnings: This Collective is designed to maximize the monetization of your creative efforts. By fairly allocating brand dollars based on views and impact, our solution makes it simple for you to focus on content creation and serving your audience.
  • 🚫 No Sponsored Reviews: We don’t aim for sponsored reviews. Instead, we place mid-roll ads in related videos for a seamless fit.
  • 📨Email Management: Through a dedicated shared mailbox linked on your channel - we provide both transparency and on-going lead management. We comb through the spam and handle negotiations for you.
  • 🎉 Exclusive Skill Building & Community - We offer coaching, channel growth advisory, and a private community for team collaboration and communications.

Why It Will Work 🌟

Sponsors love the simplicity of working with our experienced management team, including Eric Walasek, owner of, Paul Wilkie, founder of Golden State PR, Indiana Lang, Editor in Chief @HomeTheaterReview and YouTube influencer @UltimateToolReviews. Our sponsorship offerings range from straightforward single-channel placements to full-scale product launch PR and marketing campaigns. We handle both ongoing ad placements and dedicated sponsored videos, providing a comprehensive solution for all modern marketing needs.

Ready to join the HTR Creator Collective and take your channel to the next level? Reach out today and we will personally review the program with you! 👇

[email protected], Editor-In-Chief🚀

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Our mission is to empower content creators in the audio/video and home theater community by providing consistent compensation and helping  ensure objectivity in product reviews. We bridge the gap between creators and brands, allowing creators to focus on what they do best while we handle the logistics and partnerships, fostering trust and authenticity in the content they produce. Our service offers brands access to a network of trusted content creators who deliver impactful and authentic content, fostering trust and engagement with their audiences.

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