Published On: December 26, 2010

Kaleidescape Launches Cinema One Media Server

Published On: December 26, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Kaleidescape Launches Cinema One Media Server

Kaleidescape is the king of high-end media servers able to store and serve both music and movies throughout your home in a secure manor thanks to its proprietary design. The release of their new One Media Server means more than those with the last name Gates or Buffet will be able to enjoy the Kaleidescape experience.

Kaleidescape Launches Cinema One Media Server

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Kaleidescape recently announced the availability of Cinema One, an out-of-the-box DVD movie server that provides instant viewing and management of an entire movie collection. Cinema One has been designed with the idea of bringing the Kaleidescape experience to a broader set of customers. It also meets the needs of young children by automatically switching to a simplified user interface when the Child Remote is used.

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"The Cinema One is the perfect system for families because DVDs offer the broadest selection of children's content," said Leonard Bellezza, President of Lyric HiFi & Video. "With the Child Remote, even a toddler can find his own programs, and when he presses play, it starts instantly without trailers, advertisements, and menus."

Offered at $4,995 MSRP in the United States and Canada, Cinema One is a single component movie server capable of storing 225 DVDS or 2,500 CDs and installs like an ordinary DVD player. Cinema One is based on and replaces the Kaleidescape Mini System.

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