Published On: April 10, 2024

Kaleidescape Ventures into Commercial Cinema Market

Published On: April 10, 2024
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Kaleidescape Ventures into Commercial Cinema Market

Kaleidescape, renowned for its home movie server solutions, is now expanding its reach into commercial theaters.

Kaleidescape Ventures into Commercial Cinema Market

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At the CinemaCon 2024, Kaleidescape, a leader in high-end digital movie distribution for luxury residential markets, made a significant announcement. The company revealed its strategic move into the commercial cinema sector, marking a significant expansion beyond its traditional residential domain.

The expansion aims to introduce an alternative method for securely delivering library film releases to movie theaters, mirroring the convenience and quality that Kaleidescape has long provided to residential home theater enthusiasts. The platform promises high-quality content delivery on demand, enhancing the movie-watching experience for patrons while providing operational ease for exhibitors.

Priscilla Morgan, COO of Kaleidescape, emphasized the platform's operational benefits and its capacity to offer a diverse array of content to cinema-goers: 

"Kaleidescape’s secure media platform provides operational ease by enhancing flexibility and scalability for the exhibitor and offering access to a diverse array of content for their customers. Much gratitude goes to our studio, exhibition, and technology partners for their innovation in embracing a new content delivery platform.” 

Kaleidescape: The Ultimate Movie Platform

Several exhibitors have already pledged to participate in piloting the Kaleidescape platform, including industry names such as Alamo Drafthouse, B&B Theatres, Brenden Theatres, Cinema West, Classic Cinemas, Epic Theatres, Megaplex Theatres, and Star Cinema Grill. 

Moreover, Kaleidescape has reportedly secured an agreement with one major Hollywood studio and is actively engaging with several others to broaden its content offerings.

Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State Movie Server.

Rock Bagby, president & chief content, programming & development officer of B&B Theatres, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting B&B's commitment to innovation in cinema technology: “We are excited to work together on this new endeavor. B&B strives to be innovative, and we can’t wait to pilot this new technology with Kaleidescape and GDC,” Bagby said.

In support of its cinema strategy, Kaleidescape has been collaborating with technology partners to integrate with theater management systems (TMS), aiming to streamline exhibitors' workflows further. 

Tony Adamson, senior vice president for GDC Technology said: “Kaleidescape’s platform is a potential game changer for exhibitors, allowing easy activation of excess screen capacity, bringing a steady slate of library titles on demand…I am excited that GDC is the first TMS provider to integrate with the Kaleidescape platform.” 

Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Player.

Kaleidescape's solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing movie complexes, leveraging the same projectors and audio solutions already in place. The platform promises secure delivery of library releases with lossless audio and reference-quality video, enhancing the cinema experience for patrons. 

With access to a vast array of library content on demand, exhibitors can program additional screenings, movie marathons, and curated events, catering to diverse audience preferences.

Hands ON Kaleidescape 4K Movie Player Review | Worth the HYPE?

The Kaleidescape system being implemented in commercial cinemas includes the Terra Prime SSD movie server and Strato C Movie Player, boasting features such as high-speed movie downloads, simultaneous playback streams, and support for immersive cinema formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Terra Prime SSD Movie Server Features:

  • 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Data center grade solid-state drives
  • Low power, quiet operation
  • Storage options for approximately 500 (31TB) or 125 (8TB) 4K movies
  • Downloads a Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movie in as little as four minutes
  • Distributes up to 25 simultaneous playback streams
  • Movies can be downloaded on up to five systems; perfect for multiple residences and yachts
  • Custom rack mounts are sold separately

Strato C Movie Player Features:

  • Plays movies from Terra Prime, Terra, and Strato S
  • Compact and quiet for dense rack installations or local placement in a room
  • New wall mount option lets you mount the Strato C behind a TV for local placement
  • Ideal for additional viewing zones in residential and marine applications
  • Custom 1RU rack shelf with faceplates for one or two players sold separately

Both Terra Prime SSD Movie Server, priced at $9,995.00, and Strato C Movie Player, priced at $3,995.00, are available for purchase at Dreamedia.

Finally, don't forget to read our review of the Kaleidescape Strato C player and the Kaleidescape Compact Terra movie server.

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