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Kef_5005_2.jpgModern flat panel displays demand modern speaker designs, hence the creation of so-called "lifestyle" speakers. KEF dove in fearlessly on these speaker systems to quickly become a market leader, creating small speakers with flexible mounting from on-wall to table-top to stand-mounting for integration with flat panel displays, but they didn't stop there. The KHT 5005.2 speakers can even go wireless, allowing enhanced flexibility and ease of set-up. The KHT 5005.2 system falls in the middle of their line of lifestyle systems and comes in at just under $2,000 for the complete 5.1 set-up.

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Small yet powerful, these speakers come in highly polished black or aluminum finish to match your d├ęcor. They come with all you'll need to wall-mount them or stand-mount them on tables. Optional adjustable floor stands and wireless adaptors are available for a small extra cost. This system consists of five identical speakers and one subwoofer. Each main speaker houses one of KEF's Uni-Q driver systems, utilizing a 15mm metal dome high-frequency radiator in the acoustic center of a 75mm midrange driver, which allows consistent sound dispersion from both drivers. The Uni-Q driver is flanked by a pair of 75mm long throw bass drivers. The mains are capable of reproducing bass to only 95 Hz and are rated at 87 db sensitivity, yet are capable of 106 db output. The HTB2 subwoofer that accompanies this set-up is not only futuristic-looking, it is a solid performer as well. Capable of being positioned vertically or horizontally the subs small size will fool you. Offering bass to 30 Hz, its integrated 250-watt amplifier can help this little beauty output 110 dB easily, allowing it to keep up with the mighty main speakers.

The sound of the KEF system is full and open and, as it uses the same speakers for fronts, center and surrounds, transitions are seamless. This system is capable of extremely high sonic output, well exceeding the 106 db at which it is rated. Even from a simple receiver-based system, this capability makes it well-suited to home theater applications where large swings in dynamics are common, but the smooth sound it makes will keep you happy with your musical sources as well. The HTB2 subwoofer is easy to integrate into the system and keeps pace well with the nimble mains.

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