Published On: October 21, 2020

KEF LS50 Wireless II Speakers Now Support Tidal Connect

Published On: October 21, 2020
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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KEF LS50 Wireless II Speakers Now Support Tidal Connect

Tidal Connect enables users to stream music from Tidal directly to the new speakers, in a variety of different formats including MQA

KEF LS50 Wireless II Speakers Now Support Tidal Connect

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Good news for music streamers: KEF's LS50 Wireless II now supports Tidal Connect, which enables users to stream from Tidal's library directly to the speakers via the app. Tidal Connect supports both Dolby Atmos and MQA audio, and listeners can choose their preferred streaming quality via the app. The LS50 Wireless II is available now for $2,499.

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More information about Tidal Connect below:

KEF is proud to announce that their most recently launched wireless HiFi speakers, the LS50 Wireless II, now supports TIDAL Connect. Recognised as pioneer and industry leader, KEF continues to be at the forefront of evolving audio technology, resulting in KEF being one of the first TIDAL device partners on TIDAL Connect globally.

Global music and entertainment streaming platform, TIDAL, has launched TIDAL Connect, the first and only HiFi casting technology from a music streaming service, which allows users to stream directly to their connected LS50 Wireless II speakers. Through TIDAL Connect, the platform's unparalleled lossless audio quality can now be harmoniously experienced in conjunction with the purity of sound signature to KEF.

The new LS50 Wireless II is a perfect match, both aesthetically and logistically. The left and right speakers can connect wirelessly and now with the added capability of wirelessly connecting to TIDAL Connect, the user's experience is both cordless and seamless. For the first time ever, TIDAL HiFi members can enjoy uninterrupted playback of their favorite tracks in their preferred quality and on their preferred devices with the TIDAL app functioning as a controller. Available to TIDAL Premium members as well, users can connect their LS50 Wireless II speakers by opening the "Now Playing," screen while playing a song, clicking on the device selector on the bottom left, and choosing your KEF LS50 Wireless II. TIDAL provides more options for music lover's connected music listening experience, and shares KEF's absolute dedication to high-fidelity sound and original performance quality music reproduction, so that music is easily enjoyed by KEF LS50 Wireless II users without compromising on sound quality; and now with TIDAL Connect, it's even easier to enjoy HiFi sound. Listen and believe.

TIDAL Connect is also the only casting technology to feature support for the extended audio formats available through TIDAL HiFi, including Master Quality Authenticated recordings (MQA), and Dolby Atmos. MQA delivers master quality sound as the artist intended it, and Dolby Atmos provides listeners with breakthrough immersive audio experiences through spatialized, object-based audio.

The LS50 Wireless II is available in four finishes, Carbon Black, Titanium Grey, Mineral White as well as a Crimson Red Special Edition. To discover more on KEF and LS50 Wireless II, please visit:

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