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kef-muon-loudspeakers.gif the modern engineering in KEF's arsenal makes this one of the finest-sounding speakers in the world, while the artistic design of Ross Lovegrove ensures that those with the funds to purchase a set of KEF Muons will be happy to display them.  How do they sound?  Well, when in a large room, KEF's Muon speakers sound amazingly open and smooth, with great coherence and powerful bass performance. Those with the cash for a pair of one of the 100 pairs of these limited edition speakers likely won't have small rooms, so this shouldn't be an issue.

High Points
• The value proposition of KEF's legendary sound in a no-compromise format makes for one of the finest loudspeakers available.  Prepare your money manager for the rest of your system, because you will also want a collection of the best from the likes of Krell, Mark Levinson, Meridian and/or Transparent Audio to round out your statement audio system.
• The large sculpted looks are over-the-top sexy, but you truly need to see them in person to believe how good-looking these speakers are.  Unlike movie stars who get the benefit of Photoshop before gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, the KEF Muon speakers have "not a stitch of makeup on" gorgeous good looks like no speaker I have ever seen before.

Low Points
• These speakers require a large room to sound their best and proper set up is a must.  Plan to have them parked away from the side walls and back walls by no less than a couple of feet.  Better yet, before they are installed, have your architect put them into your listening room's floor plan and send you the drawing.
• With only 100 pairs being made as part of a limited edition, you might need to make some Warren Buffett-style moves in a depressed Wall Street market before you can call Muons your own.  If you have the Gordon Gecko chops to make the money, you deserve the spoils, and what would be better than KEF Muons?

Competition and Comparison
Be sure to compare the KEF Muon loudspeakers against the competition by reading our review for the
Meridian DSP 8000 loudspeakers.  For reviews on a wide variety of different products, please visit our Floorstanding Loudspeaker Section.

A huge statement in both technology and design, the KEF Muon is a large step forward in speaker design from a groundbreaking, historically important loudspeaker company.  While most of will never own KEF Muon loudspeakers, consider making the pilgrimage to an active KEF Muon dealer to be on par with going to the Museum of Modern Art to view a specific exhibit that you may never see again in your life.  What you will see and hear is so special that just having the experience of what the KEF speaker system can do will make you rich, if for no other reason than you will own the memory.

Additional Resources
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• Find an audiophile grade amplifier for the KEF Muon loudspeakers.

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