Published On: July 8, 2008

Kevin Miller's Associated Equipment

Published On: July 8, 2008

Kevin Miller's Associated Equipment

View Kevin's system.

ISFTV's Reference Video System
Fully acoustically treated room with black front and side walls.

Samsung SP-H710AE 1-chip DLP projector

Stewart Filmscreen Grayhawk RS front projection screen 1:78 (16:9) aspect ratio 80-inches wide x 45-inches high

Samsung BD-1200 Blu-ray disc player

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD HDTV cable box run HDMI to the projector, and set for 1080i output only.

ISFTV's Test Equipment
Minolta CS200 Chroma meter for grayscale and light output measurements.

Sencore VP403 HDTV signal generator for generating test patterns and 1080i to calibrate the system.

Digital Video Essentials HD Basics Blu-ray Test DVD

AVIA Pro test DVD

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