Published On: September 29, 2023

Kii Audio Unveils Kii SEVEN Wireless Speaker System

Published On: September 29, 2023
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Kii Audio Unveils Kii SEVEN Wireless Speaker System

Kii Audio launched the SEVEN, a compact powerhouse equipped with Active Wave Focusing technology.

Kii Audio Unveils Kii SEVEN Wireless Speaker System

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German audio manufacturer Kii Audio has made waves at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live by introducing its latest innovation, the Kii SEVEN Wireless Music System. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Kii THREE, the SEVEN combines high-end audio with cutting-edge smart technology, offering audiophiles a versatile and user-friendly listening experience.

At the heart of the Kii SEVEN is its groundbreaking Active Wave Focusing technology, a feature aimed at reducing the impact of room acoustics. The cardioid speaker design, combined with Active Wave Focusing, promises detailed separation and exceptional musicality, delivering what Kii Audio claims to be "audiophile-grade audio that faithfully captures the essence of your favorite music."

From the press release: “Instead of just splitting the spectrum into bands, as is done with traditional crossover filters, Kii Audio’s Active Wave Focusing filters force the specially positioned drive units in the Kii SEVEN to create a completely coherent wave front, that is only emitted towards the listener. By utilizing Kii Audio’s unique Active Wave Focusing Technology, the Kii SEVEN ensures perfect time alignment over the full frequency spectrum.”

The compact 31 x 20 x 31 cm (HxWxD) cabinets house a powerful combination of two 6.5-inch woofers, a 5-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch Custom Wave-guided Tweeter, all propelled by an impressive 600 Watts of onboard amplification. The internal DSP not only divides the music's frequency range between the drivers but also ensures cardioid dispersion down to the lower midrange and upper bass.

Kii SEVEN Wireless Music System Sterep Pair in Fine Touch White finish.

Kii Audio distinguishes itself from traditional crossover filters by employing Active Wave Focusing filters. These filters compel the drive units to create a coherent wave front emitted specifically towards the listener, ensuring perfect time alignment across the entire frequency spectrum.

In terms of connectivity, the Kii SEVEN offers a comprehensive range of options, including XLR, TRS, AES/EBU connections, KiiLink/KiiCONTROL support, WiFi, Bluetooth, and DANTE. The speakers are compatible with popular streaming platforms like Roon Ready and AirPlay 2, supporting hi-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz.

The Kii HOME App enhances user control, allowing customization of acoustic settings for up to twelve separate zones in the home, whether you have one Kii SEVEN or multiple units. This flexibility is ideal for users looking to create a multi-room audio system.

Scheduled for release in early 2024, the Kii SEVEN will be available in two elegant finishes: Fine Touch White and Fine Touch Dark Grey. Pricing is set at £3,495/ €3,795/ $3,895 for a Solo Speaker and £6,990/ €7,590/ $7,790 for a Stereo Pair.

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