Klipsch HDT 300 Home Theater System Reviewed

Published On: November 7, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Klipsch HDT 300 Home Theater System Reviewed

This affordable all-in-one home theater speaker systems harkens back to the days of the Energy Take 5.2 and combines comparable power and value for the entry level home theater user. Read the full HomeTheaterReview.com here.

Klipsch HDT 300 Home Theater System Reviewed

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Klipsch has done a terrific job over the last twenty or so years in significantly diversifying its overall portfolio and company image. In the old days, Klipsch was all about volume and brute force. Today, it has retained that aspect but also added other facets like lifestyle, architectural and mobile awareness, to make it into a true well-rounded loudspeaker company that speaks to modern customers.

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Need a home theater speaker system with matched designs, drivers, cabinets, etc? Well, Klipsch only has 28 from which to choose (These guys really need to pick up the pace.). Even as the entry-level model amongst all of these offerings, the HDT 300 ($399.99/MSRP) brings a lot of substance to the party. A 5.1 system, the five high-gloss black satellites employ a 2.5-inch IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) woofer and a MicroTractrix Horn-loaded 0.75-inch textile tweeter, within a sealed ABS plastic enclosure measuring 5.5 inches high by 3.6 inches wide (7.5 for the center) by 3.85 inches deep, and weighing 1.5 pounds (2.75 for the center). The subwoofer employs a downward-firing 6.5-inch fiber-composite cone within a Black pica (matte) vinyl-wrapped bass-reflex (rear ported) enclosure measuring 11.8 inches high by 9.9 inches wide by 14.6 inches deep, and weighing 19 pounds. The subwoofer provides controls for volume, low pass crossover and phase, and offers speaker level and line level inputs, but no outputs. The system comes with handy wall brackets (with a 40-degree range of motion), a template and one-quarter/20 inserts for stand mounting, and a cradle base for pivoting the magnetically-shielded center channel up to 45 degrees. The fit and finish of the HDT 300 is impressive, and the brackets and cradle just add to the value. While not particularly heavy, the small satellites convey tremendous quality, with a great finish and build quality. Everything fits right and looks great. The grills pop off easily, the push pin connectors feel as good as can be expected. The woofer, while not exactly designer-like, has a solid feel and its back panel fits into the cabinet crisply, with quality switches and knobs. The flared port and driver fit great, and the feet offer a solid base for the hefty cabinet.

The HDT 300 sounded crisp and punchy with music tracks, especially those of the rock and electronic variety. The horn-loaded tweeter didn't get too aggressive or edgy, and drew a nice balance with the small woofer driver. Large scale classical tracks were rendered with enough weight to create a good sense of space and overall substance. Vocal and acoustic tracks needed a bit more oomph in the midrange, with vocals especially sounding somewhat shallow and cold. The woofer mostly avoided sounding boomy and slow, keeping up with the rest of the system overall. On movies and games, with the receiver set to Subwoofer On/Small Speakers/max crossover, the HDT 300 sounded very good, with a crisp character that added a lot to intense action scenes. The woofer didn't play particularly low, but had good speed and punch. Dialogue was pretty intelligible, but lacked warmth and body. For such a small system, it was easy to drive, and the sound was pretty big, and, although lacking ultimate refinement, speed and slam, very satisfying overall.

Competition and Comparison
If you want to compare Klipsch's HDT 300 home theater system against other similar systems, read our reviews for Orb Audio's Mod1 home theater system and the Boston Acoustics Classic CS 2310 speaker system. You can find more information available in our Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer sections.

Read the High Points, Low Points and Conclusion on Page 2 . . .

Klipsch_hdt-300-home-theater-system.gifHigh Points

    • • The Klipsch
    • HDT 300 is built wonderfully and looks fantastic, with a tight, shiny profile that exudes detail.

• The HDT 300 sounds very good overall on all types of material - music, movies, and games - drawing a good blend of impact, speed, and balance.
• The HDT 300 provides different mounting and placement options for the satellites, and incredible ease of installation.

Low Points
• The HDT 300 lacked midrange warmth, speed and transparency on music material, and the bass needed more extension with movies and games.
• The HDT 300 provides no subwoofer outputs, so matching with the receiver crossover is required.
• The HDT 300 only comes in a Black finish.


The Klipsch HDT 300 is really something. It's incredible what speaker manufacturers are providing these days for the money. At $399.99, the fit and finish of this system is fantastic. It just feels solid, detailed, and crisp from the moment you see it. Yes, the individual parts are great: advanced drivers, curved cabinets, brackets, good controls, etc. And yes, it sounds terrific, combining impact with versatility and never offending regardless of the material presented to it. But the thing that impresses about this system is the whole. The package has a complete feel and level of quality that never stops. Here's an example: pull up the Klipsch website, and go to the HDT 300 section. You get specs, pictures, the whole deal, within a very easy to read and understand website. But you also get a custom video providing a useful overview of the product, its great mounting capability, and installation tips. This kind of attention to detail and respect for the customer is what puts this product, and Klipsch in general, over the top.

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