Klipsch RF-62 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Reviewed

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The midrange sounded a little fat overall, with nice bloom and warmth but lacking some speed and detail, especially on piano. This quality didn't show itself as much on rock and electronic music. Moving into the bass, the RF-62 sounded really good, with maybe a little too much flab but still punchy and tight (Interestingly, the low frequency response of the smaller RF-52 is rated at 34Hz, with the RF-62 at 38Hz.). Overall the bass carried the presentation, which made for some great sound with rock and electronic music. Acoustic material needed more detail, speed, and transparency. At higher volumes, the RF-62 performed wonderfully. Expectedly, the RF-62 sounded much better away from walls, with the already big sound getting a little too bloomy and slow when moved closer.

High Points
• The RF-62 provides a big, dynamic sound with good top end detail.
• The RF-62 sounds great at high volumes, and can fill a large room with ease.
• The RF-62 doesn't require high power to perform optimally.

Low Points
• The RF-62 lacked speed and transparency, especially on acoustic material.
• The RF-62's big sound sometimes overwhelmed the presentation, with a fuzzy midrange and blooming bass.
• The RF-62 only comes in a Black finish.
• The RF-62's copper woofers may not appeal cosmetically to those wanting to listen without the grills.

The Klipsch RF-62 is a bit of a mixed bag. It certainly is not for the refined, audiophile crowd. It provides a big sound with great dynamics that really delivers the goods on rock and electronic music. On the other hand, it lacks overall speed and transparency and rarely gets out of the way. Its flaws don't blend into the whole in every case, but those cases will only register with those with audiophile expectations. For a lot less than a grand, for somebody with a large room and a lot of hard rock, rap, and metal material in their catalog, it would likely work. For those with different requirements, other options exist that might fit better.

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