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It didn't offer up a lot of speed and transparency, but it did blend well with the rest of the speaker and rounded things out well. Rock and electronic music hit very hard, in a mostly good way, and even some large scale classical tracks had enough weight and scale to render a nice presentation. At high volumes, the VF-35s performed with ease, and didn't change character much when moved closer to walls.

High Points
� The VF-35 provides a pretty good level of performance with a nice midrange-to-bass blend, especially with rock and electronic tracks, but also with some acoustic material.
� The VF-35 plays loudly with little breakup, and performs optimally even with average receivers and power sources.
� The VF-35 looks good, with its flower-shaped horn tweeter providing a nice touch.

Low Points
� The VF-35 sounds hard on the top end, a bit shallow in the middle, and occasionally lean on the bottom.
� The VF-35's non-removable woofer grill may dissuade those wanting to improve performance or appearance, despite its protective purpose.
� The VF-35 only comes in Black.

The VF-35 offers a more refined alternative for those who would normally buy entry-level loudspeakers to match with budget electronics. It plays loud with little power, and looks good in contemporary settings. Budget loudspeaker shoppers should give it a listen, as its decent midrange, punchy sound and sleek look make it interesting.

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