Klipsch was founded in 1946 by Paul Klipsch who built upon horn loaded speaker technology by bringing it to the home in smaller form factors. The company's debut product, the Klipschorn, received a patent in 1945 and still remains in production today.

Many of the company's products today still incorporate the basic horn principles: low distortion coupled with high output and high sensitivity, analogous to a cheerleader's bullhorn: using mechanical design to naturally amplify a signal, keeping the electronic portion to a minimum.


Klipsch has morphed into a global consumer electronics force, not only through its own formidable, diverse product catalog stretching across numerous loudspeaker categories and applications, but also through its acquisition of numerous previous competitors such as Energy, Jamo, and Mirage, and global sales, marketing, and manufacturing infrastructure.

In early 2011 the entire Klipsch company was bought by Audiovox, putting the future of all the brands under the Klipsch name into question.

Notable products include the Klipschorn, KlipschCast, ProMedia, La Scala, Heresy, Cornwall, Palladium Series, Icon X, Icon W, Icon V, Reference Series, Synergy Series, CS-700, CS-500, X10, and X5.

Read an article about the Audiovox buyout.


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Similar brands include Bose, JBL, Infinity, KLH, NHT, Polk, and Reve


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