Published On: July 17, 2011

KMI Introduces Multi-Touch Foot Controller

Published On: July 17, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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KMI Introduces Multi-Touch Foot Controller

Those with disabilities or those that have to perform the same repetitive tasks can breath a sigh of relief as Keith McMillen Instruments has released a multi-touch foot controller than can ease the burden.

KMI Introduces Multi-Touch Foot Controller

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Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) recently announced the SoftStep KeyWorx multi-touch foot controller, the world's first foot controlled digital interface, providing a new and faster way to operate a computer. Available for Mac and Windows, SoftStep KeyWorx is a new tool for everyone using a computer, from gamers, video editors, programmers, data entry professionals, disabled people, repetitive stress syndrome sufferers, and anyone who wants a faster way to use their computer.

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Pressure and location sensitive, SoftStep is USB powered with ten fully customizable keys that remember up to 100 sets of commands for repetitive tasks. The cursor/click control allows the user to keep his or her hands comfortably on the keyboard at all times and the blue backlight makes it visible everywhere, even under a darkened desk. Made with elastomeric and graphite composites for a super rugged yet lightweight design, SoftStep is light-weight and portable, weighing just one pound, small enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack.

For the first time, those who could benefit from having foot control of their computer to speed up their system can use SoftStep, performing such tasks as:
• Access Internet.
• Open and close software apps.
• Enter text.
• Change toolsets within applications.
• Bring a browser forward.
• Launch email programs.
• Zoom in and out.
• Control volume.
• Scroll through folders.
• Output key commands.
• Control the cursor, mouse clicks and OS functions.
• Fully customizable - remembers up to 100 sets of commands.

Priced at $289.95, SoftStep KeyWorx is available immediately from leading online retailers, including, Enablemart, and Disabled Online. For more information on SoftStep KeyWorx, see the Keith McMillen Instruments website.

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