Published On: August 13, 2020

KONKA Enters North American Market with Three New TV Series

Published On: August 13, 2020
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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KONKA Enters North American Market with Three New TV Series

One of China's largest TV makers is entering U.S. market with three series of Android TVs equipped with Google Assistant and voice-control remotes

KONKA Enters North American Market with Three New TV Series

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Looking for an attractive television that won't cramp your style or break the bank? KONKA has your answer: the company is releasing three new Android TV series as part of its North American launch. The H3 Series, the U5 Series, and the Q7 Pro Series all feature KONKA's ZeroBezel design for edge-to-edge screen and voice-control remotes. The company says consumers will appreciate the value-added features, superior picture quality, stunning design, and affordable prices of their TVs.

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Here's what else KONKA has to say about its North American launch:

KONKA North America, LLC, a subsidiary of the KONKA Group, a Leader in Digital Home Entertainment and one of the top five TV brands in China, today made its long-awaited North American debut with the shipment of three new series of KONKA Android TVs. First introduced at CES 2020 and available this month, these KONKA Android TVs set new price/performance benchmarks, offering consumers a host of compelling, value-added features, superior picture quality and stunning designs at affordable prices.

Among the many best-in-class features included in all the KONKA Android TVs is the elegant KONKA ZeroBezel design that offers virtually edge-to-edge screen, so your TV will look amazing even when it's off. Also, in the box with every model is the included (Free) Voice Control Remote, so you can control your TV, and more, with just your voice.

To create picture quality that's a step above, all KONKA 4K Ultra HD Android TVs incorporate advanced features such as the KONKA XC3 Quad Core+ Ultra HD Engine which includes CrystalView Multi-Function Clarity Enhancer, DeepBlack Dynamic Contrast Enhancer and PurePalette Wide Color Enhancer. Of course, key features such as AccuMotion enhanced motion rate for clear images with fast motion video and 4K HDR, are also included. On some models KONKA takes it up a notch or two with the HiBright Pro LED Backlight for 25% more brightness and ColorWave Pro Wide Color Gamut for 25% more color.

Android TV is a smarter Smart TV. While Google Play Store enables simple access to over 500,000 Movies and TV Shows, it's the built-in Google Assistant that takes it to another level. In addition to searching for your desired video content, you can ask questions to get useful information, play your favorite music, or even control your applicable Smart Home devices, all with just your voice.

"We're very excited to announce that our high-performance KONKA Android TVs are shipping now!" said Scott Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, KONKA North America, LLC. "When consumers experience these KONKA TVs, they'll immediately see the difference, and everyone will know there's a new player in town that's offering a higher level of quality and value. Whether it's the stunning KONKA ZeroBezel design or the striking picture quality controlled by the powerful KONKA XC3 Engine, these TVs truly set themselves apart, and it's all at prices people can afford."

H3 Series - Android TV - "More for Your Money"

Unlike many other TVs in their price class, the KONKA H3 Series TVs incorporate the stunning KONKA ZeroBezel design and includes (Free) the Voice Control Remote in the box. Combined with the powerfully smart Android TV system, KONKA H3 Series provides more for your money. KONKA H3 Series TVs will be available in 32" (class) 720p HD and 40" (class) 1080p Full HD models, starting at $139.99.

U5 Series - 4K Android TV - "A Noticeably Better TV"

The KONKA U5 Series is designed to be a noticeably better TV. In addition to the KONKA ZeroBezel design, KONKA XC3 Ultra HD Engine, AccuMotion enhanced motion rate and 4K HDR, the U5 Series also includes superior LED panel technology with ColorWave wide color gamut and HiBright Pro LED Backlight for 25% more brightness. The result is incredible picture quality that everyone can appreciate. The U5 Series also has an enhanced Jack Pack with 4 HDMI Digital Inputs, 3 USB Inputs and much more. KONKA U5 Series will be available in 43", 50", 55", 65" and 75" (class) 4K Ultra HD models, starting at $239.99.

Q7 Pro Series - QLED Android TV - "A Quantum Leap in Color"

In addition to all of the incredible features found in the U5 Series, the Q7 Pro Series steps up to advanced QLED - Quantum Dot Technology and ColorWave Pro wide color gamut for 25% more color to create picture quality that is amazingly rich and shockingly lifelike (illustrated in image). Because premium picture quality deserves a premium cosmetic design, the Q7 Pro Series also incorporates the KONKA ZeroBezel Pro metal design for the ultimate in TV styling. KONKA Q7 Pro Series will be available in 50", 55", 65" and 75" (class) models, starting at $369.99.

You can find more information on the new KONKA North America Website -

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