Published On: December 21, 2020

KONKA Enters Smart Home Market with KONKASmart Line

Published On: December 21, 2020
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KONKA Enters Smart Home Market with KONKASmart Line

The new line of KONKA products includes smart cameras and a smart doorbell, as well as smart lighting, plugs, and switches, and will be announced at the upcoming Digital CES 2021

KONKA Enters Smart Home Market with KONKASmart Line

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KONKA is making its smart home debut in 2021 with the KONKASmart line of products. Adding to the brand’s line of Smart TVs, the line will include smart cameras and video doorbells, as well as smart lighting, switches, and plugs. All upcoming products in the KONKASmart line will connect to the KONKASmart OneApp, and additionally, all of the products will include WiFi connectivity and Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT compatibility. The new KONKA Smart Cameras will also be equipped with CameraView, a feature that enables users to view the camera’s feed on a Smart TV.

The new line and specific details will be announced at the Digital CES 2021.

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Keep reading for more on KONKA’s new announcement:

KONKA North America, LLC, a subsidiary of the KONKA Group, a leading digital home entertainment manufacturer in China, will enter the smart home market with the debut of its new KONKASmart line-up at Digital CES 2021. Just as with KONKA TV, these new Smart Home products provide the amazing mix of quality, technology and value that have set the company’s offerings apart. The new KONKASmart product lineup will be available in North America beginning in Spring 2021 and will be showcased at the Digital CES 2021, January 11-14, 2021 (

“The ultimate Smart Home is one where multiple advanced technologies mix simply and work intuitively to help make life better.”  said Scott Ramirez, KONKA North America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “KONKA is bringing this vision to fruition by combining KONKA Smart TV with CameraView, the KONKASmart OneApp, and a focused line-up of key KONKA Smart Home products that all work together to create the new KONKASmart Home”.

The “KONKASmart Home”

KONKA is entering the Smart Home segment with a carefully curated line-up meant to create the new KONKASmart Home.  In addition to Smart TV, KONKA will now offer Video Doorbells, Smart Cameras, Smart Plugs, Smart Switches and Smart Lighting. For ultimate ease-of-use, KONKA is utilizing the KONKASmart OneApp, allowing all KONKASmart products to be controlled by one simple App.  Plus, all products are Wi-Fi, so No Hub is needed.

In addition, KONKA Android TVs will seamlessly integrate with the new KONKA Smart Cameras. With CameraView, when someone presses the KONKASmart Video Doorbell, the image can automatically appear on the TV screen.  In fact, all KONKASmart Cameras can be viewed on the TV screen, making the KONKA Smart TV the Hub of the KONKASmart Home.

KONKASmart products will also feature key interoperability features such as works with Google Assistant, works with Alexa, and works with IFTTT, creating a worry-free user experience.

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