Published On: January 13, 2021

KONKA’s New Smart Home Options Provide User-Friendly, Reliable Smart Home Solutions

Published On: January 13, 2021

KONKA’s New Smart Home Options Provide User-Friendly, Reliable Smart Home Solutions

KONKA’s new Smart lineup includes smart cameras, video doorbells, smart plugs, and smart lighting options, and the entire line can be paired with the KONKA OneApp and are IFTTT and WiFi-compatible

KONKA North America’s new Smart lineup includes smart cameras, video doorbells, smart plugs, and smart lighting options—all of which will be linked to the company’s KONKA OneApp for seamless integration and control. In addition, the new products work with IFTTT and are WiFi-enabled.

KONKA’s new smart video doorbells and cameras are equipped with 1080p Full HD picture, night vision, motion detection, live view, two-way communication, 128-bit AES Encryption, in addition to different video playback options and water resistance. The KONKA Video Doorbell has a 140-degree field of view, and camera-based motion detection. The KONKA Anywhere Video Doorbell is KONKA’s wireless option, and 130-degree diagonal field of view, and PIR motion detection. The KONKA Anywhere Cam is equipped with a 130-degree diagonal field of view, PIR motion detection with adjustable sensitivity, and the KONKA LED Floodlight Cam is built with dual LED 2,200-Lumen floodlights with an additional 90db siren.

In terms of KONKA’s new smart plugs, the Single Outlet Smart Plug, Two-Outlet Smart Plug Duo, and Four Outlet Smart Power Strip can all be paired with other KONKA Smart Home products, and can paired with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT. Additionally, the new plugs are equipped with surge protection, the ability to set timers, and individual outlet control.

Finally, KONKA’s new smart lighting options include three new models—the Smart Light Bulb, the Directional Smart Light Bulb, and the Smart Light Strip that can be paired with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT.

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Here’s some more info from KONKA:

Digital CES 2021 marks the entry of a new player to the Smart Home arena. KONKA North America, LLC, a subsidiary of the KONKA Group, a leading digital home entertainment manufacturer in China, joins the smart home market with the debut of its new KONKA Smart line-up.  As with KONKA televisions, the new KONKA Smart products combine Quality, Technology and Value to bring new options with high value to retailers and consumers.

At Digital CES 2021, January 11-14, 2021 (, KONKA North America is introducing a line of Smart Cameras - including Video Doorbells, as well as Smart Plugs, and Smart Lighting products. Other sub-categories, such as Smart Switches, will follow.

KONKA debuted in the U.S. market a year ago with three Series of Android TVs that underscored the company’s mission of offering consumers high quality products that utilize the latest innovative technologies while still providing amazing consumer value.  KONKA Smart is an extension of that mission and notably, KONKA has integrated features to tie these great products together.

“KONKA has developed a Smart Home line-up that includes the most important products in each sub-category and all of them are controlled by our OneApp with IFTTT.” said Scott Ramirez, KONKA North America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We have created a One-Stop Shop opportunity that provides both ease of use and ease of mind.  Plus, our new CameraView App creates a unique synergy between KONKASmart Cameras and Android TVs, making the TV the Hub of the KONKA Smart Home.  This creates a great experience for consumers and new merchandising opportunities for retailers.”

The 2021 KONKA Smart Home
When developing the KONKA Smart Home, the company prioritized simplicity of installation, ease-of-use, and effortless interoperability.  Consumers entering the Smart Home category will find KONKA Smart simple, and those who already have Smart Home products will be able to integrate them seamlessly.  All KONKA Smart products utilize KONKA’s OneApp, eliminating any switching between Apps.  Plus, KONKA Smart products are Wi-Fi enabled, so No Hub is needed.  To ensure interoperability, all models work with IFTTT, allowing the user to create “recipes” and scenes with other products.  And, for convenient hands-free operation they all work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

KONKA Smart – Video Doorbells and Smart Cameras
KONKA’s initial smart camera offering includes two Video Doorbells and two Smart Cameras.  Together, these four models will meet the needs of most homes.  Key Standard features found in all four models are 1080p Full HD, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Live View, 2-Way Communication (with Mic, Speaker and Audio Noise Cancelation), 128-bit AES Encryption, multiple Video Playback Options including an SD Card Slot, KONKA’s elegant white with rounded edges Family Design, and they are all Water Resistant.  In addition, with the new CameraView App, you can view the feed from your KONKA video doorbell or smart camera on your KONKA Android TV.

The KONKA Video Doorbell is wired and replaces an existing traditional doorbell.  In addition to all the standard KONKA Smart camera features, this model includes a 140-degree Diagonal Field of View, and Camera Based Motion Detection with Motion Zones and Human Detection

The KONKA Anywhere Video Doorbell is a battery powered video doorbell, so it can be mounted almost anywhere, including by a side door or back door where there had been no standard doorbell before. In addition to all the standard KONKA Smart camera features, the Anywhere Video Doorbell includes a 130-degree Diagonal Field of View, and true PIR Motion Detection with adjustable sensitivity.

The KONKA Anywhere Cam is a battery powered smart camera with Quick Release Batteries for easy access.  By combining water resistance with rechargeable battery power, this camera can be used virtually anywhere, inside, or outside.  In addition to the standard KONKA Smart camera features, the Anywhere Cam includes a 130-degree Diagonal Field of View, true PIR Motion Detection with adjustable sensitivity, and includes a wall mounting bracket.

The KONKA LED Floodlight Cam combines the key features of the Anywhere Cam with Dual LED Floodlights that provide 2,200 Lumens. The floodlights are adjustable to match the light coverage to the specific need and are dimmable.  In addition to the mic and speaker for 2-way communication, this model features a built-in 90db Siren for added security.

KONKA Smart – Smart Plugs 
KONKA Smart Plug models include the Single Outlet Smart Plug, the Two-Outlet Smart Plug Duo, and the Four Outlet Smart Power Strip.  These three models can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other Smart Home products.  In addition to working with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT, key features include Surge Protection, the ability to Set Timers, and Individual Outlet Control.

KONKA Smart – Smart Lighting
KONKA is also introducing three Smart Lighting models.  The focused offering starts with the highly popular 60-watt equivalent A19 and also includes a directional BR30 for use in high hats and a Light Strip for a wide variety of creative applications.  In addition to working with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT, key features of these LED Lighting models include Dimming, Tunable White (from Warm 2,800 to Cool 6.500 Kelvin), and Multi-Color RGB capability.

KONKA Smart Lighting models include:

    • The Smart Light Bulb is a Color A19 LED Light Bulb with 25,000 Hour Life (or 22.8 years at 3 hours per day). At 9 Watts and 750 Lumens, it is a 60-Watt Equivalent Bulb.  This model will be sold as a 2-Pack.
    • The Directional Smart Light Bulb is a Color BR30 LED Light Bulb with 30,000 Hour Life (or 27.4 years at 3 hours per day).  At 13 Watts and 1,300 Lumens, it is a 90-Watt Equivalent Bulb.
    • The Smart Light Strip is a Color LED Light Strip.  It is 5 Meters long with 7.5 Watts, 700 Lumens, and can create 16 Million Colors.

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