Published On: April 6, 2011

Krell Adds 3D to Evolution 707, S-1200, and S-1200U Surround Processors

Published On: April 6, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Krell Adds 3D to Evolution 707, S-1200, and S-1200U Surround Processors

Krell has just added 3D upgrades to its Evolution line of surround processors, including the 707, S-1200, and S-1200U. The company remains committed to providing the latest in home theater technology.

Krell Adds 3D to Evolution 707, S-1200, and S-1200U Surround Processors

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Krell_S-1200_surround_processor.gifKrell has announced 3D upgrades to their current family of surround processors.

The new Evolution 707 3D, S-1200 3D, and S-1200u 3D continue the Krell commitment of offering the latest technologies in the surround processor category. "3D content is increasing and we are excited to bring this capability to our customers", said Bill McKiegan, Krell's President. McKiegan continued, "we are committed to providing the latest in surround technology while delivering the best sound and video quality in the industry."

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3D upgrades are available for original non-3D capable Evolution 707, S-1200, and S-1200u customers. Bill McKiegan adds, "Providing upgrade paths that preserve a customer's initial investment has always been an important part of our corporate philosophy. Any customer can add 3D functionality without paying a premium to do so." The upgrade price is $1,500 US, the retail difference between the original and 3D capable models, and requires the unit to be returned to Krell. All Evolution 707 and S-1200 models purchased after January, 1, 2011 are eligible for a free upgrade less freight costs. Going forward, non-3D capable versions will still be available at current pricing.

Suggested Retail Price: Evolution 707 3D - $31,500 MSRP, S-1200u 3D - $13,500 MSRP, S-1200 3D - $11,500 MSRP

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