Published On: September 27, 2009

Krell Introduces New S-275 and S-150M Power Amps

Published On: September 27, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Krell Introduces New S-275 and S-150M Power Amps

Krell amps for the masses? That's the bet that Krell is making with their new Krell S-275 and S-150M power amps. These amps are designed to work in modern systems where space is an issue. The are also perfect to augment larger Krell amps in 5.1 or 7.1 systems

Krell Introduces New S-275 and S-150M Power Amps

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Krell Industries, Inc. just introduced two new S Series amplifiers, the S-275 and S-150M. Designed with modern day space constraints in mind; the S-275 and S-150M deliver legendary Krell amplifier performance in new slim line designs. The S-275 and S-150 are small enough to permit installation of multiple amplifiers in the space a conventional amplifier would normally occupy.

"With technology sourced from our flagship Evolution amplifiers but in a footprint and price that is significantly smaller, the S-275 and S-150m amplifiers deliver Krell performance in installations where a lesser product would normally have been selected." said Dan D'Agostino, cofounder, CEO, and Chief Designer of Krell Industries. "It's an affordable way to bring Krell's incomparable sound quality into any home."

The S-275 and S-150M share design and manufacturing technology. Both the S-275 and S-150M feature Krell's newest design enhancements, which assure huge output current capability and deliver further sonic refinement. The S-275 and S-150M feature high performance linear power supplies, 135,000 and 55,000 microfarads respectively. Extensive power supply filtering and decoupling between stages assure low noise and high stability. The gain stages use Krell Differential Current Mode•, discrete Class A, and fully complementary circuitry. The circuitry also features very low negative feedback. For maximum conductivity and oxidation immunity, all circuit board traces are gold plated.

The S-275 is a flexible design boasting 275 watts/channel in stereo mode. A switch on the rear panel converts the S-275 to a 550 watt mono amplifier. The S-275 is a half wide design allowing two amplifiers to fit in the same space as a normal sized amplifier. In that same space, five S-150m amplifiers can reside as they are only 3.4" wide.

Both amplifiers include 12 volt trigger input/outputs, balanced connectors and superior WBT signal connectors and speaker binding posts. And its handsome brushed-aluminum faceplate is available in silver or black finish.

Suggested U.S. retail price for the S-275 is $5,500 and $2,500 for the S-150m.

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