Published On: July 23, 2009

Large LCDs Break Sales Volume Record in June 2009

Published On: July 23, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Large LCDs Break Sales Volume Record in June 2009

June was a record-setting month in the shipment of large-area TFT LCD panels. DisplaySearch reports that 46.7 million units were shipped. LG led the way, followed by Samsung and AUO.

Large LCDs Break Sales Volume Record in June 2009

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June 2009 shipments of large-area TFT LCD panels reached 46.7 million units, up 8 percent month to month (M/M) and 24 percent/Y, according to the most recent DisplaySearch Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database. This sets a new record for the highest monthly large-area TFT LCD shipments.

On a unit basis, LG Display was the leader with 24.5 percent market share, followed by Samsung with 24.1 percent and AUO with 16.6percent. Large-area TFT LCD revenues reached $5.3 billion, up 14 percent M/M, but 17 percent lower than June 2008.

In terms of shipment volume, June's shipment results indicate a continuation of the large-area TFT LCD industry's recovery. DisplaySearch forecasts that shipments will increase again in July, but at a slower rate because the glass substrate shortage is limiting panel makers' production. The panel supply situation will continue to tighten in July and August, which will result in higher revenues.

All three major applications--notebook PC, monitor and TV--showed M/M growth. DisplaySearch's research found that LCD TV panels had the highest Y/Y growth at 57percent, followed by notebook panels at 19percent, and monitor panels at 12 percent(Table 1). Also noteworthy, notebook PC and LCD TV panel shipments both reached monthly record highs, with 14.7 and 13.1 million units, respectively. The 18.0 million LCD monitor panels shipped is the most since May 2008.

In terms of area, large-area TFT LCD shipments reached 7.1 million square meters in June, up 7 percent M/M and 32 percent/Y, the largest amount yet. The growth in shipment area was mainly driven by TV panels. Samsung led in area shipments with a 27.2 percent market share, followed by LG Display at 24.9 percent, CMO at 16.5percent, and AUO with 15.6 percent.

In addition to large-area TFT LCDs, the Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database also tracks 5.0 inch to 11.6 inch mini-note (netbook) panel shipments. Mini-note panel shipments were 3.5 million in June, also an all-time high. HannStar took back the lead from AUO with 956 thousand units, passing AUO's 920 thousand. HannStar started shipping 11.0 inch mini-note panels.

The Premium Version of the Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database includes shipment data by suppliers for each application and screen size. Penetration of 16:9 aspect ratio panels in LCD monitors reached 49 percent in June, a big leap from 42 percent in May. The penetration of 16:9 in notebook PCs reached 41 percent, also a big leap from 36 percent in May.

Source: Display Source News

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