Lawrence Audio Cello Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

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Lawrence Audio Cello Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

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Lawrence_Audio_Cello_floorstanding_speaker_review.jpgHigh Points
• The physical appearance of the Cello's wood veneer and striking shape is a very attractive alternative to most conventional floor-standing speakers.
• In any speaker like the Cello, which uses the air motion transformer, ribbon tweeters and cone drivers, there is always concern over the possible sonic discontinuity between the two types of transducers. The Cello delivers a seamless transition between these drivers and delivers a totally coherent presentation.
• Because the Cellos are ported on the bottom and have a relatively small footprint for a full-range speaker, it will be much easier to place them in your room for optimum performance.
• The Cellos offer a reference-level soundstage, as well as macro-dynamics, timbres and the resolution of details.
• The Cellos are able to convey the emotion and feeling of music in a way that is rarely found in a speaker that also offers such high transparency and clarity.

Low Points
• Like all very high-resolution speakers, the Cello will expose any flaws in upstream gear or bad recordings.
• The Cello performs to the best of its ability when bi-wired, so an extra pair of speaker wires is recommended.
• The lack of any meaningful distribution in the United States in terms of installation base and dealers makes resale an issue, compared with other speakers that have the same price but more established reputations.

Competition and Comparison
In the price bracket of around $18,000 for floor-standing speakers, the major competitors would either be the Wilson Audio Specialties Sophia Series 3, which is valued at $17,600, or the Vandersteen Model 5A valued at $18,995. Both speakers are highly acclaimed and offer reference-level musical performance. Being very familiar with both models, I still would choose the Cellos over these two excellent speakers, because the Cellos combine all of the analytical and objective virtues that both the Sophia Series 3 and the Vandersteen Model 5A provide. Additionally, the Cellos add a higher level of musicality and an emotional aspect to the music than the other speakers do.

For more on these speakers, please visit Home Theater Review's floor-standing speaker page.

Lawrence Audio, with their Cello floor-standing speakers, is a new player on the audio scene here in the States. It was an eye-opening experience to audition these speakers, due to their physical appearance and beauty. More importantly, the Cellos render music in an amazingly natural and relaxing way. This does not mean that the Cello is just a pleasant-sounding or euphonic speaker. The Cellos offer reference-level objective performance in all the important areas, such as soundstage, timbre, high and low extension, and dynamics. I highly recommend that you put the Cello on your audition list before you make your next purchase, if you can afford speakers in this price range.

The highest compliment I can give to the Cellos is that they replaced my long-term reference MG20s, and I purchased the review pair as my new reference.

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