Published On: July 13, 2018

LG and BoConcept Team Up to Show Off the Ultimate Modern Living Room

Published On: July 13, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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LG and BoConcept Team Up to Show Off the Ultimate Modern Living Room

The new flagship retail space beautifully blends interior design with the design of LG's new flagship display.

LG and BoConcept Team Up to Show Off the Ultimate Modern Living Room

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Trends come and go in the AV space, but if there's one persistent trend that just doesn't seem to be ebbing, it's the death of the "man cave," that once-hallowed, solitary, pitch-black, walled-off space where the AV experience was all that mattered. These days, AV is becoming more a part of the shared experience, one that simply must fit in with a livable décor that's as comfortable to the eye as it is to the tushy.

So, while it may have been a bit weird to see a company like LG teaming up with a renowned internior designer like Sarah Sherman Samuel ten years ago to create a custom living room based around a TV like the E8 OLED, these days, yeah, that's right on target. The new space, at the BoConcept showroom on Madison Avenue, may not exactly fit the concepts that we think of when we think of "home theater," and yes, the focus here is only on the "V" part of the AV equation, but love it or hate it, this is the future of home entertainment.

From LG:

LG Electronics USA has joined forces with contemporary Danish retail furniture brand BoConcept and renowned interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to create a custom living room space in the flagship BoConcept showroom on Madison Avenue in New York City that highlights the elegant glass design of the LG OLED E8 TV with AI ThinQ. The living room design showcases the importance of material and form factor in modern home décor and visitors to the retail location will experience Samuel's vignette styled with the unique picture-on-glass 65-inch class LG OLED TVs.

"BoConcept's long-standing tradition of modern furniture with the highest functionality, design and quality, made them a natural fit for one of the smartest and most elegant TVs ever on the market," said David VanderWaal, Senior Vice President of Marketing for LG Electronics USA. "The room's refined glass design celebrates the transcendent technology of LG OLED to create a captivating statement piece in your home. And thanks to Sarah's ability to effortlessly combine styles to create distinctive spaces, consumers can visualize new ways to bring their dream living room to life."

The elegance of glass meets the unparalleled sophistication of OLED technology for a gorgeous image that appears to float in the air. Harnessing the unmatched picture quality of LG OLED technology as well as the convenience of LG's proprietary ThinQ AI technology, built-in Google Assistant and compatibility with Amazon's Alexa, the E8 series LG OLED TVs deliver a previously impossible home cinema experience. Wall-mounted or on a tabletop, the latest iteration of LG's unique picture-on-glass design is the perfect complement to today's modern living spaces.

"Glass as an element of design is one of the most versatile you can incorporate into a space. I find it an ideal complement to natural materials like wood, leather, and fur which is why the new LG OLED TV is a designer's dream. I feel the TV is showcased at its best when used with those contrasting elements which is what I worked with when designing the living space within the BoConcept showroom," said Sarah Sherman Samuel. "It brings a level of sophistication to any space."

"When you take a closer look at modern interior decor, technology and furniture are steadily becoming more integrated," said Steen Knigge, BoConcept Marketing Director, Americas. "Home-based tech products are evolving into sleeker designs to looking more and more like artwork, and LG's latest product is no exception. As a company with Scandinavian roots looking to strengthen its U.S. foothold, having an established global brand like LG turn to us as a partner is a phenomenal honor. We're excited to see what we're able to accomplish together."

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