Published On: January 3, 2016

LG Announces "Super UHD" TV Lineup

Published On: January 3, 2016
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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LG Announces "Super UHD" TV Lineup

At this week's CES, LG will announce a new flagship line of Ultra HD TVs, dubbed "Super UHD." The Super UHD lineup includes three series, with screen sizes ranging from 49 to 86 inches. These Ultra HD TVs will have...

LG Announces "Super UHD" TV Lineup

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LG-UH9500.jpgAt this week's CES, LG will announce a new flagship line of Ultra HD TVs, dubbed "Super UHD." The Super UHD lineup includes three series, with screen sizes ranging from 49 to 86 inches. These Ultra HD TVs will have HDR capability, a wider color gamut, and an IPS panel with improved black-level and brightness capabilities. These models will also feature a new ULTRA Slim design and LG's webOS 3.0 smart TV platform. Pricing has not yet been announced, but some Super UHD models will be available in early spring.

From LG
LG Electronics will unveil "LG SUPER UHD," a new premium line of 4K ultra HD TVs at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Leading the company's 2016 4K Ultra HD LCD/LED TV lineup, LG SUPER UHD TV will feature LG's most advanced LCD/LED picture quality ever, with expanded color capabilities, advanced picture and sound-enhancing features including high dynamic range (HDR) and LG's alluring Flat ULTRA Slim design.

The LG SUPER UHD line for the U.S. boasts three series, including the UH9500 (ranging in size from 55- to 86-inch class screen sizes), the UH8500 (ranging in size from 55- to 75-inch class screen sizes), and the UH7700 (ranging in size from 49- to 65-inch class screen sizes). Select models from the new 4K Ultra HD TV lineup will begin shipping in the U.S. in early spring.

The top-of-the-line UH9500, UH8500 and UH7700 LG SUPER UHD series boast an advanced IPS display with innovations such as True Black Panel and Contrast Maximizer for advanced picture quality at wide viewing angles. True Black Panel is a proprietary technology that minimizes reflections and enhances contrast ratio for a more comfortable viewing experience, while Contrast Maximizer delivers more depth and contrast by separating objects from their backgrounds.

"We're confident our 2016 HDR-enabled SUPER UHD TV will generate much excitement not only in the industry, but also with consumers in general," said Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG's Home Entertainment Company. "We are the only company with a dual strategy focused on both OLED and UHD TV technologies, and this is proof that we're committing to delivering the most advanced picture quality and home entertainment innovations to consumers around the world."

LG SUPER UHD series have been designated as "HDR Plus" to indicate that these sets include technologies that enable them to show 4K HDR content with a greater sense of reality. HDR Plus combines LG's ULTRA Luminance technology to boost peak brightness, improved black level performance and Color Prime technology to heighten HDR performance compared to sets that are only HDR compatible. Also included is an SDR-to-HDR conversation engine so viewers can enjoy near-HDR content from any standard source.

To enhance color reproduction, LG's Color Prime Plus is included on the UF9500 and UF8500 series. Color Prime Plus expands the palette of colors that can be displayed on the screen. Color Prime Plus uses a combination of a new, thicker color filter as well as new LCD phosphors to achieve approximately 90 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) color space. Another innovation, Billion Rich Colors, gives the LG SUPER UHD models the ability to render over one billion possible color variations for an even greater sense of realism.

The UH9500 employs a new design concept, making it even thinner than its predecessor. By reducing the gaps between the panel and back cover chassis, the ultra-thin 6.6mm (0.22 inches) screen depth and near invisible bezels combine to give the appearance of the TV floating on air. And the UH9500 is second to none when it comes to sound. LG also worked with high-end audio pioneer harman/kardon to develop a speaker system that could deliver high quality audio despite the thin profile. LG's new Magic Sound Tuning function measures and analyzes the viewer's environment and makes adjustments to customize the sound to the room's specific conditions.

Similar to the UH9500 and UH8500 in features, the UH7700 also offers Color Prime, Billion Rich Colors, ULTRA Luminance and Contrast Maximizer housed in a slightly different design configuration. At CES, LG will also take the wraps off its first production-ready 98-inch 8K SUPER UHD TV (model UH9800).

The 2016 UHD TV lineup also comes with the newest generation of LG's acclaimed webOS Smart TV platform. webOS 3.0 adds advanced new features to make finding and switching between LG's expanded content options - including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices--simple and fast. With enhanced mobile connectivity, remote features and more content options--including those offering streaming HDR, LG webOS 3.0 makes it even simpler and more fun than ever for users to find and enjoy the content they want to watch.

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