Published On: April 16, 2011

LG Electronics Begins 2011 Recycling Program: Great American Cleanup

Published On: April 16, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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LG Electronics Begins 2011 Recycling Program: Great American Cleanup

Keep America Beautiful is sponsoring the Great American Clean-up, the largest U.S.-based volunteer "green" program. LG Electronics is on board with its push to recycle electronic components, including items like old DVD players, speakers and other units.

LG Electronics Begins 2011 Recycling Program: Great American Cleanup

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LG Electronics is leveraging its leadership in electronics recycling during the Great American Cleanup, the nation's largest green volunteerism program, organized by Keep America Beautiful.

"In 2010, volunteers across the country recycled 7.2 million pounds of consumer electronics during the Great American Cleanup, and we expect that figure to be topped in 2011," said Wayne Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics USA.

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The LG Electronics Recycling Program provides consumers with a way to dispose of used, unwanted, obsolete or damaged consumer electronics products, he said. In 2010, separate from the Great American Cleanup, LG recycled more than 8 million pounds of home electronic products in the United States, free of charge to consumers.

"After recycling their old products, consumers can save energy by upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified products," Park said, encouraging consumers to join LG in taking the "Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR" pledge and save energy by recycling old products. U.S. consumers' purchases of LG ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2010 will save about $650 million in utility costs and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 4 billion pounds over the lifetime of these products.

Through May, an anticipated 1,200 Keep America Beautiful affiliates and participating organizations nationwide will rally an estimated 3.5 million volunteers to beautify and green their neighborhoods.

LG's involvement in Keep America Beautiful's Great American Cleanup supports the company's sustainability initiatives that include recycling, energy conservation, responsible product designs, renewable energy and reducing hazardous substances and greenhouse gas emissions.

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