Published On: August 11, 2023

LG Extends Warranty to Cover Burn-In on OLED Gaming Monitors

Published On: August 11, 2023
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LG Extends Warranty to Cover Burn-In on OLED Gaming Monitors

LG responds to consumer concerns by providing improved warranty coverage.

LG Extends Warranty to Cover Burn-In on OLED Gaming Monitors

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In a move that addresses a significant concern for OLED monitor users, LG Electronics has announced an update to its warranty policy, now covering burn-in due to normal usage on its OLED gaming monitors. This announcement comes after months of discussion with The Verge, during which LG responded to consumer feedback and industry trends.

OLED technology has been hailed as the future of monitors due to its superior color reproduction, contrast ratios, and thin form factor. However, burn-in, a phenomenon where static images can become permanently etched onto the display, has remained a lingering concern for potential buyers. LG's latest update to its warranty is a noteworthy step in mitigating these concerns.

Previously, LG's warranty explicitly excluded "burned-in images resulting from improper usage," leaving consumers unsure about the extent of their warranty coverage in cases of burn-in. The clarification arrived after The Verge's review of LG's 27-inch OLED desktop gaming monitor raised questions about burn-in coverage. 

Christopher De Maria, LG’s head of consumer PR for North America, confirmed the company's new stance, stating that burn-in due to normal use, including gaming and desktop computing, is now covered under a two-year warranty.

LG's updated warranty language technically states that the company will cover "normal and proper use," while excluding "damage or failure of the Product resulting from misuse [or] abuse." However, LG Electronics product marketing director David Park provided further insight, asserting that as long as the monitor is used as intended for personal PC and residential settings (not commercial environments like retail signage displays), burn-in will be covered.

De Maria emphasized that "normal use" encompasses gaming (both professional and casual) and desktop computing tasks like Windows usage. This clarification is expected to resonate well with users, as it delineates between typical usage and scenarios that could potentially lead to burn-in.

While some OLED enthusiasts have resorted to preventive measures such as hiding static interface elements to avoid burn-in, advances in OLED panel technology have made significant strides in mitigating the issue. Both LG Display and Samsung Display, the primary suppliers of OLED panels, have incorporated built-in protections and brightness management techniques to prolong panel life and reduce the risk of burn-in.

However, not all monitor manufacturers have followed suit in offering comprehensive burn-in coverage. The Verge's investigation revealed that Acer and Asus, which also utilize LG Display panels in their monitors, have yet to include burn-in coverage in their warranties. Dell's Alienware and Corsair, on the other hand, have incorporated three-year burn-in warranties into their OLED monitors. 

While burn-in remains a rare occurrence in modern OLED displays, LG's decision to cover it under warranty is expected to reassure users and encourage other monitor manufacturers to adopt similar policies.

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