Published On: May 22, 2022

LG HU915QE: A New, Premium 4K UST Projector with 3700 Lumens

Published On: May 22, 2022
Last Updated on: May 24, 2022
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LG HU915QE: A New, Premium 4K UST Projector with 3700 Lumens

LG offers a new 4K UST projector with tremendous potential, perhaps it is the new top dog!

LG HU915QE: A New, Premium 4K UST Projector with 3700 Lumens

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The UST Projector category has been on fire lately, new models pop up seemingly every day. But when LG releases a new model it's worth taking note. Coming on the heels of the recent midrange HU715Q, the new LG HU915QE is a high-end UST projection solution that's a notable upgrade from the 2700-lumen LG HU85LA, the previous top model.

Of course, we'll have to wait for hands-on reviews to find out how the new model really performs, but the UST projector segment has been on fire lately and if LG justifies the $6K asking price—which is well above most competitors—it'll surely be doing so with a projector that's a game-changer, even for viewers accustomed to shopping long-throw solutions. Why? Because somehow USTs are achieving higher levels of contrast than we've seen from past DLP projectors. And that directly translates to deeper black levels and punchier rendition of HDR.

LG offers a new 4K UST projector with tremendous potential, perhaps it is the new top dog! b9c4fba8 lg cinebeam lifestyle 02

A DLP UST Optimized for HDR

Because a lack of contrast is the primary weakness of DLP, if that is addressed, we could see UST projector technology deliver unprecedented value to AV enthusiasts. And the initial feedback on this LG is that it does improve upon the contrast of its predecessor, as well as offers considerably higher brightness.

Brightness is the name of the game for UST projectors. This is for two reasons: One is so that they can overcome ambient light and behave like a TV in a room during the daytime, or in the evening when the lights are on. the other is so that even though they are projectors comma they can do some justice to HDR content by offering bright highlights in a darkened environment. But the other is so that even though they are projectors, they can do some justice to HDR content.

Getting HDR right is difficult for most projectors but the new HU915QE has several things going for it. It has a 3-channel laser light source that allows it to reproduce a color gamut that reproduces 97% of DCI/P3, the standard used in commercial cinema and to master most HDR content for home viewing like UHD streaming and UHD Blu-ray. It also offers dynamic tone mapping, which is the key to translating HDR that's mastered for today's TVs into an image that looks great on a projector. This is achieved by analyzing the content frame by frame and applying appropriate tonemapping and optimizations.

While dynamic tonemapping does a lot, HDR can sometimes use additional help to look its best depending on the environment. LG Brightness Optimizer II offers it by adjusting the projector's brightness levels based on the room's ambient light.

Smart and Connected

A lot of competing UST projectors have limited streaming capabilities (often there is no Netflix), limited calibration controls, and poorly designed menus. Of course, that's not the case with LG, which offers comprehensive built-in streaming options including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Apple TV.

It also offers the controls needed to finetune picture quality through calibration, in order to achieve exquisite levels of precision.

“Featuring LG’s latest projection technologies, the new CineBeam projector delivers outstanding 4K picture quality from a short distance. An excellent choice for movie lovers seeking authentic cinematic experiences at home, the HU915QE combines superb performance with convenient features, easy installation and a sophisticated, space-friendly design.”

Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company

LG offers a new 4K UST projector with tremendous potential, perhaps it is the new top dog! b2289d35 lg cinebeam lifestyle 03


Resolution4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160)
Brightness3,700 ANSI Lumens
Light Source3 Channel Laser
Lamp Life20,000 hours
Brightness Optimizer IIAuto Brightness + Adaptive Contrast + Iris Mode
Throw Ratio0.19 (100 inches @ 9.8cm)
Screen Size90-120 inches
Keystone Correction4/9/15 Point Warping
webOSYes (Global)
WirelessAndroid / iOS
Integrated Speaker2.2 Channel, 40W
InputsHDMI x 3 with eARC / USB 2.0 x 2
Size (W x D x H)680 x 347 x 128 mm
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    2022-05-25 14:27:39

    Id like to see this go up against Samsung's LSP9T

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