LG LST-3510A HDTV Tuner and DVD Combo Reviewed

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With the LG LST-3510A in place, the displayed images produced realistic color with unprecedented picture detail and resolution, free from any artifacts. If you have an A/V receiver with HD-level component video inputs (like Pioneer's Elite's VSX-49TXi used here as the reference receiver), it can do all the video switching (except DVI) from the receiver itself, using just one of the precious HD component video inputs on the back of the set. However, as noted for DVI, you will have to switch video inputs for your display to DVI. For this review, component video and RGB-HD was employed for easy video switching, as well as the dedicated DVI input. All were tethered to the box. With all cables in place, I was able to easily switch back and forth between component video, RGB-HD and DVI for comparison of signals. DVI produced the best images of all the connections, and you get to use two components with DVI, for the best image quality from both.

In the end, it all comes down to images and pictures. Either way, picture quality is nothing short of spectacular from this exceptional LG HD tuner and DVD player combo. Both broadcast and cable images were simply stunning. Words cannot begin to describe the spectacular images. In prolonged viewings of numerous prime time TV shows from CSI to The Masters Golf Tournament to Smallville, Alias, and Line of Fire, HD images received (via rooftop antenna and Cablevision) came in crisp and clear, without signal degradation or loss of detail (in both 16:9 and 1080i). These days, local PBS channels broadcast a continuous loop along with select programming in HD. The Smart Travels series in HD never looked more compelling. I?checked the number of my travel agent so I could book a return trip to Europe.

Using the DVD player on the LST-3510A, images were more compelling than watching movies at my local cinema! With the LST-3510A, you're watching movies as they are meant to be seen - in widescreen and with progressive scan. Using the DVI connector keeps all images within the digital domain for the best possible playback. I watched several chapters from some of my favorite reference DVDs, like Lion King - Special Edition, Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl, Beauty and the Beast -Special Edition, The Mark of Zorro, Seabiscuit, and X-Men 2: United. Each film segment distinguished subtle color shading and hue, reproducing colors accurately and realistically. Colors were beyond vibrant and compelling.

Now that we've entered a new millennium, we're closing the digital divide to our future by bridging the gap from an analog era to the digital age. If you've purchased (or plan to) a HD-capable or compatible television, the HDTV tuner/receiver is certainly a product you'll become more familiar with. With standards changing and digital cable starting to roll out, a HDTV tuner is a terrific investment to bridge the digital divide.The LST-3510A from LG combines two great components in one: HDTV tuner and progressive scan DVD player.

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LG LST-3510A HDTV Tuner 
and DVD Combo
ATSC tuner for terrestrial HD broadcasts
QAM cable HD tuner for "in-the-clear" signals
HD-format DVD player
Plays back DVDs, DVD-/+RWs, CDs, MP3, WMA and JPEG CDs
HD multimedia connections: DVI w/HDCP, 
RGB-HD and component video
HD picture quality output: 480i/p, 720p 
and 1080i progressive scan
Electronic Program Guide based on ATSC PSIP
Dolby Digital/DTS output
Digital Audio - coaxial and optical output
Simultaneous 480i/1080i output
Dimensions: 3.5"H x 16.9"W x 12.8"D
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
MSRP: $499

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