Published On: August 3, 2023

LG Rolls Out Firmware Fix for OLED TVs' Aggressive Auto-Dimming Issue

Published On: August 3, 2023
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LG Rolls Out Firmware Fix for OLED TVs' Aggressive Auto-Dimming Issue

Firmware update 03.33.65 resolves long-standing problem in C2 and G2 models

LG Rolls Out Firmware Fix for OLED TVs' Aggressive Auto-Dimming Issue

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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LG has recently addressed a significant flaw in its 2022 OLED TVs, the C2 and G2 models, by releasing a firmware fix that addresses the issue of aggressive dimming in dark scenes. The firmware update, version 03.33.65, aims to rectify the problem caused by the Auto Static Brightness Limiter (ASBL) feature.

Auto-dimming, a feature implemented by various brands of OLED TVs, serves as a safeguard against image retention or burn-in caused by static elements in the picture. However, LG's implementation of the Auto Static Brightness Limiter (ASBL) has resulted in an overzealous algorithm, causing the TV to erroneously dim extended dark scenes over time. This has led to frustration among users, as the dimmed scenes sometimes become unwatchable due to their excessive darkness.

FlatpanelsHD, a prominent technology news source, first highlighted the issue with LG OLED TVs and their ASBL algorithm. Dark scenes in movies like "Dune," "The Batman," and "Blade Runner 2049" were among the content affected (as illustrated by FlatpanelsHD in the headline image).

The ASBL bug has been a persistent flaw on LG's OLED TVs, including other models from previous years, prompting some users to seek workarounds by accessing the TV's service menu to disable the feature entirely. However, such actions often risk voiding the warranty, making it a less-than-ideal solution for many consumers.

Earlier this year, LG addressed the issue for its 2023 OLED models, C3 and G3, through a firmware update, successfully eliminating the auto-dimming problem during dark scenes. Now, the company has expanded its efforts to improve user experience by releasing the same ASBL fix for its 2022 OLED models, C2 and G2.

The firmware update, version 03.33.65, is a crucial step towards rectifying the auto-dimming flaw and has been well-received by users who have already applied it to their TVs.

The firmware rollout is set to be global, and users can expect it to become available through over-the-air updates on their TVs' menus shortly. For those who prefer to take a proactive approach, the firmware can also be downloaded from LG's support site and manually installed using a USB stick.

As of now, firmware 03.33.65 has been rolled out for LG's 2022 OLED models, including C2 and G2, as well as the CS "hybrid" model, which blends features of the C2 and C1 designs. However, LG's B2 OLED TV is yet to receive the update. The company may continue to explore potential fixes for older and lower-tier OLED TV models in the future.

With the auto-dimming bug now resolved, LG users can enjoy a more immersive and vibrant viewing experience without the inconvenience of aggressive auto-dimming during dark scenes.

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