Published On: December 6, 2009

LG Rumored To Be First With Reasonable 3D Flat Panel HDTVs

Published On: December 6, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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LG Rumored To Be First With Reasonable 3D Flat Panel HDTVs

We know that Full HD 3D TVs are coming. The question is, which manufacturer will be first to market? PC World reports that LG will have that honor, introducing a 23-inch 3D-capable LCD television with a full 1080p resolution and active glasses.

LG Rumored To Be First With Reasonable 3D Flat Panel HDTVs

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Movies studios, sports producers and cineplex owners all love 3D video as the "next thing" however the digital flat panel HDTV technology needed to bring the experience home hasn't been available to consumers.

PC World Magazine is predicting that Korean-based LG will have a 23 inch full 1920x1080 pixel, 23 inch flat HDTV capable of producing a 3D image. Glasses will be needed.

This breakthrough in HDTV technology is one of the projected highlights of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early 2010. CES is the world's largest tradeshow of any kind and represents a global toy store for gadget and AV freaks while giving the same audience a crystal ball into future technologies like 3D.

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