LG's 77-Inch 77W7 OLED TV Goes on Sale for $19,999

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LG-77W7.jpgLG has completed the rollout of its 2017 OLED TV line with the official launch of its 77-inch Signature W Series TV. The 77W7, priced at $19,999 (the same price as Sony's new 77-inch OLED TV, for the record), has a "Picture on Wall" design in which the electronics are housed in a separate box to allow for a super-slim, light form factor. The 77W7 is a UHD TV that supports HDR and Wide Color Gamut technologies, and it comes with a separate Atmos-capable soundbar.

From LG
The highly anticipated 77-inch class "wallpaper" LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W went on sale today in the United States for $19,999. The most-awarded TV at CES 2017, the new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W combines the unique Picture-on-Wall form factor, the unparalleled picture performance of OLED technology, immersive Dolby Atmos sound and unmatched high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities--to deliver a previously impossible home cinema experience.

The 77-inch class 4K Ultra HD model 77W7, launched today at Video and Audio Center in Los Angeles, joins the 65-inch class Picture-on-Wall 65W7 LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W--the highest rated TV by a leading U.S. consumer product publication--as flagships of the expansive 2017 LG OLED TV portfolio.

In addition to the groundbreaking Picture-on-Wall design of the W7 series, the 2017 lineup includes four amazingly thin Picture-on-Glass models: 77- and 65-inch class G7 and 65- and 55-inch class E7 LG OLED TVs. Rounding out the 2017 LG OLED TV family are 65- and 55-inch class C7 and B7 models, bringing the total number of models now available in the United States to 10.

"The 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W is truly a modern home masterpiece," said Rick Calacci, senior vice president, home entertainment sales, LG Electronics USA. "With LG's industry-leading OLED technology, Dolby Atmos sound and a razor-thin profile, the 77W7 beautifully combines cutting-edge technology with an unmatched design that is sure to be the focal point of any living room. And only LG offers picture-on-wall and picture-on-glass powered by OLED."

Tom Campbell, technologist at leading high-end west coast retailer Video and Audio Center, said, "We're thrilled that LG selected Southern California to launch their 77-inch wallpaper OLED TV. While the $20,000 giant picture-on-wall TV is incredible, it's aspirational for most consumers. With the breadth of the LG OLED TV line, consumers can experience the perfect blacks and eye-popping color of LG OLED 4K TV for under $3,000."

The 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W makes use of LG OLED's unique ability to turn individual pixels completely off or on to reproduce the most lifelike images of any television with perfect blacks, stunning brightness, and an expanded color gamut. Combined with the intense detail of 4K Ultra HD and the ability to render over a billion rich colors, which allows the 77W7 to display 64 times more shades of color than conventional TVs, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W brings consistent theater-quality pictures to the home from even wide viewing angles.

Even more, the 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W provides an unrivaled HDR experience with support for all major HDR formats, including HDR10, YouTube VP9, Dolby Vision HDR technology and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), assuring compatibility with the most HDR content from streaming as well as Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. The 77W7 also features LG's "Active HDR" mode, which analyzes HDR10 and HLG content scene-by-scene, optimizing the image from those sources.

Defined not only by its amazing picture quality, but also by its jaw-dropping design, the 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W flaunts a previously impossible form factor, featuring an amazingly thin (around one-fifth of an inch), semi-flexible screen that attaches to the wall with magnets. LG's radical new Picture-on-Wall design follows the "less is more philosophy," removing all unnecessary elements and housing them in an external box to emphasize the beauty of the razor-thin panel.

Since LG OLED TVs require no backlighting, the 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W and its little brother, the 65-inch 65W7, can be easily mounted flush to the wall creating an incredible sense of immersion. The panel is also slightly flexible to allow for easy mounting using a combination of ultra-slim mounting brackets and magnets, and the lightweight display offers an ease of installation and aesthetic experience that is truly unmatched.

Completing the ultimate home theater experience, the 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W is one of the first TVs in the world to incorporate Dolby Atmos sound, allowing viewers to hear surround sound like never before with immersive, object-based audio that creates a true theater-like experience.

The 77W7 also features webOS 3.5, the latest version of LG's award winning smart TV platform, which makes switching between content options-including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices-simple and fast. With the Magic Remote and uniquely refined launcher bar, viewers have access to a limitless world of premium content-including 4K streaming and HDR content-from popular entertainment providers such as Amazon, Netflix and Vudu.

For more information on LG OLED TVs, please visit www.lg.com/us/experience-tvs/oled-tv. Series, models and suggested prices:

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV Picture-on-Wall W7 Series
77-inch class (76.7-inches diagonal) model 77W7, $19,999
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65W7, $7,999

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV Picture-on-Glass G7 Series
77-inch class (76.8-inches diagonal) model 77G7, $14,999
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65G7, $6,999

LG OLED TV Picture-on-Glass E7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65E7, $5,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55E7, $3,999

LG OLED TV C7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65C7, $4,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55C7, $2,999

LG OLED TV B7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65B7, $4,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55B7, $2,949

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